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Zeebu’s Arrival Down Under: Transforming Australia’s Crypto and Blockchain Landscape

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Zeebu, the innovative B2B blockchain-based settlement platform for the telecom carrier industry, is entering the Australian marketplace, marking a pivotal moment for the local crypto and blockchain ecosystem. 


In a remarkable achievement, Zeebu recently raised $25 million USD in a presale funding round, surpassing its hard cap target of $15 million USD. The round saw participation from strategic investors, including Bankai Ventures, who recognise the transformative potential of Zeebu's platform.


As a Web3 Neobank specialising in telecom settlements, Zeebu is uniquely positioned to address the long-standing challenges faced by the telecom industry, creating a ripple effect in the broader blockchain community. 


Here's how Zeebu will benefit Australian businesses:


Innovation meets efficiency: Zeebu's blockchain-based settlement platform sets a new standard for innovation and efficiency. By streamlining settlement processes, Zeebu's solution not only enhances the operations of telecom businesses but also sets a precedent for blockchain technology adoption in other sectors.


Stimulating crypto adoption: Zeebu's Web3 Neobank model, tailored for telecom settlements, will encourage the broader adoption of cryptocurrencies within the Australian business landscape. This paves the way for local businesses to explore the advantages of digital assets and blockchain technology.


Global operability: Zeebu serves as a gateway to untapped markets by offering universal access and operability, positioning Australian businesses to connect with global markets and enhancing their competitive edge.


Strategic partnerships: Zeebu's strategic partnerships with major telecommunications providers includes Hayo Telecom Inc., Axistel FZE, Qatama Ltd, BBT Voice Limited, Broadband Telecom Inc., BridgeVoice Inc., and Novatel d.o.o.. This offers local businesses the opportunity to collaborate with established players in the global telecom industry, fostering innovation and synergy in the blockchain sector.


Raj Brahmbhatt, Founder of Zeebu, is enthusiastic about the Australian launch.


"Our mission is to empower the telecom carrier industry with cutting-edge blockchain technology and innovative loyalty solutions,” he says.


“This significant funding milestone brings us one step closer to realising that vision, and we are excited to drive positive change in the industry and the broader blockchain ecosystem."


Zeebu's loyalty token, designed exclusively for the telecom carrier sector, offers unprecedented benefits to merchants and customers alike. By eliminating the need for conventional and expensive traditional banking channels and intermediaries, it enables faster transactions while enhancing profit margins. Zeebu aims to create a seamless and efficient experience for all users through a dedicated blockchain-based settlement platform.


The Australian launch of Zeebu is not just a milestone for the telecom industry but also a catalyst for the growth and innovation of the local crypto and blockchain ecosystem. Zeebu's vision of a Web3 Neobank tailor-made for telecom settlements is set to contribute to the broader transformation of the Australian business landscape.




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