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Australia pulling our weight globally- Our ‘bright spot’ on renewable energy and energy efficiency commitment

Solutions for Climate Australia 2 mins read

Climate advocacy organisation Solutions for Climate Australia welcomed yesterday’s announcement that the Australian Government will support a key commitment at the annual global climate negotiations to radically increase renewable power and energy efficiency.   

The Federal Labor Government pledged support for a global tripling of renewable energy generation and doubling of global energy efficiency by 2030 at the COP 28 world gathering in Dubai.  

"In a COP world gathering tainted by fossil fuel industry influence, Australia’s commitment to tripling renewable energy is a bright spot," said Dr. Barry Traill, Director of Solutions for Climate Australia.

"It is hugely positive that the Federal Labor Government is supporting the initiative to radically ramp up renewable energy globally. Not only is this a sign of Australia pulling our national weight more in international climate negotiations, but delivery of this global commitment will be of immense benefit to Australians. We have extraordinary natural advantages in our sun and wind energy resources. This will be good for Australian power prices, good for the rapidly emerging Australian renewable energy industries, good for Australian jobs and good for the next generation of Australians.

"We hope the Climate and Energy Minister Chris Bowen will use his trip to Dubai to gear up to fight in the negotiation rooms to ensure that the pledge to triple renewable energy and double energy efficiency is given real weight by being enshrined sharply in the final negotiated text of the COP 28 world gathering next week.

"We also hope and expect that the Australian government will build on this major commitment by supporting the other two fundamental parallel commitments required globally to fix climate change:  explicit commitments to phase out the main cause of climate change - the mining and burning of oil, gas and coal; and for stronger climate finance arrangements to support poorer countries and their energy transition to clean, cheap renewable power.

"The commitment to triple renewable energy and double energy efficiency is a nail in the coffin of the main cause of climate change - coal, oil and gas - but we need to pull out the nailgun," Dr. Traill said.



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For media comment:  Dr. Barry Traill 0448 79444

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