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Michael Joiner, 360info. CC 4.0.
Australia is preparing for a hot, dry summer. In 360info's comprehensive special report on living with fire, experts look at what's changing and the lessons fire authorities are applying to fight the next set of fires.
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Sports tech can keep our firefighters cool
Hugh Fullagar, Reykjavík University and University of Technology Sydney
Our sports heroes often use ice vests, slushies and misting fans to keep their cool during the heat of battle. Firefighters should have access to the same gear.

Bushfires have changed the way we holiday
Linden Ashcroft, The University of Melbourne
Summer holidays in Australia are not what they used to be due to climate change and the increasing threat of bushfires.

Short fuse links bushfires with domestic violence
Debra Parkinson, Monash University
Domestic violence can increase amid bushfires, but Australia has a poor track record of responding to it. With a hot summer ahead, authorities must prepare.

Australian wildfires: is the term 'bushfire' out of date?
Helen Bromhead, Griffith University
Fires are changing so does that mean the way we refer to them should too? It could soon be a hot topic.

Interactive: Fire danger days becoming more frequent
James Goldie, 360info and Dean Marchiori, Wave Data Labs

Video: Has southeast Australia always burned so hot? 
Michael-Shawn Fletcher, University of Melbourne
Both historical and scientific records show an increase in the number of fires since the mid-1800s.

How to help older Australians cope with disasters
Liz Halcomb, University of Wollongong and Sharon James, Monash University
Bushfires can take their toll on the physical and mental health of older Australians, but there are things communities can do to help.

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