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COP28 Media Alert: Empowering Youth for Climate Action

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The Youth Children Education and Skills day, seeks to empower young peoples to shape the outcomes of COP28 and beyond, considering the disproportionate risks and impact from climate change facing children and youth. 

As part of Monash University’s Blue Zone pavilion at COP28, there will be a series of events that focus on Action for Climate Empowerment (Article 12 of the Paris Agreement). Themes for the day will include investment in youth-led innovation, the integration of the youth voice in policy-making processes, capacity-building, transforming education, and green skills for a just transition.

Friday 8 December, 8.30 - 9am (Gulf ST)
Launching Youth Day at the Monash Pavilion: The state of play on youth and ACE

This event will discuss the state of play regarding ACE and the youth Voice and officially launch the day. All are welcome from the youth and ACE community, including YOUNGO, Early Career RINGOs, and beyond.


  • Hailey Campbell - Care About Climate and YOUNGO
  • Rex Horoi - Former United Nations Representative, and Solomon Islands Ambassador and Monash University’s Climate Change Envoy
  • Bryce Coon - Director of Education at

The following can be attributed to Rex Horoi:

“Youth are the architects of tomorrow's climate; their actions today carve the blueprint for a sustainable future.”

Friday 8 December,  9.10 - 10.30am (Gulf ST)
Enabling youth climate action leadership through innovative learning

Co-hosted by UNITAR and Monash University this event will aim to discuss effective learning strategies, products and initiatives that empower youth to take a leadership role in climate action.

The following can be attributed to Dr Susie Ho, Director of the Master of Environment and Sustainability, Associate Dean International and Graduate Studies, Faculty of Science:

“Young voices wield immense power in advocating for climate justice and spearheading a fair shift towards a low-carbon economy. To achieve this, empowering them as custodians of the future is pivotal. Article 12 of the Paris Agreement acknowledges that education, training, and inclusive engagement are fundamental in driving climate action. Equipping our youth and the public with knowledge, skills, and literacy is imperative for fostering equitable and systemic transformation across all sectors.”

Friday 8 December, 10.45am - 12.15pm (Gulf ST)
Youth and Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE): Capacity-building for National-level MER

Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) seeks to empower everyone to take action against climate change. Monitoring, evaluation, and reporting (MER) can help countries track their progress in implementing ACE policies and practices. 

The following can be attributed to Nicola Chopin, Project Manager for the MECCE Project and Project Manager for the Sustainability and Education Policy Network (SEPN):

“Empowering youth through quality climate education and support amplifies their ability to tackle the complexities of climate change. ACE fosters personal and collective agency, combating climate's destructiveness by nurturing global youth understanding. At its core, climate empowerment intertwines with justice, demanding equity, inclusion, and respect for individual rights and diverse local contexts, especially for the world's most vulnerable.”

Friday 8 December, 1.45 - 2.45pm (Gulf ST)
Forming Partnerships for Climate Action and Empowerment in the Asia Pacific Region

Universities have a leadership role to play in creating diverse partnerships working hand-in-hand with communities, and to train the next generation of professionals to create climate solutions. This special event will explore the importance of real-world partnerships to promote climate empowerment throughout the Asia Pacific region.

The following can be attributed to Dr Susie Ho, Director of the Master of Environment and Sustainability, Associate Dean International and Graduate Studies, Faculty of Science:

“A clear finding of the 2022 UNICEF Climate Justice Roundtable was that young people want a seat at the table to achieve climate justice. The report called on decision makers to support ‘their meaningful participation’. Taking a climate justice approach to ACE includes integrating youth perspectives and youth rights to reduce their vulnerability to the climate crisis.

“Governments and organisations around the world need to take youth perspectives into account when making policy decisions to help climate justice action to flourish.”

Follow Monash University’s COP28 journey and join the global conversation on climate change. 

About Monash University’s presence at COP28

Monash is deeply committed to urgent, collective action on climate change. 

Our focus will be on sharing expertise, influencing policymakers and convening change makers in our shared pursuit of a more sustainable, just world for all.

The Monash University delegation will join the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference, COP28 in Dubai, UAE, from 30 November to 12 December 2023.


A range of Monash University experts will be available to discuss climate related issues at COP28. Read more from them in our climate change special on Monash Lens.

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