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DIG IT at Tamborine Mountain IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS

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DIG IT is OPEN FOR BUSINESS at Mount Tamborine

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While some places on Tamborine Mountain remain closed due to storm damage, Australia’s first ever mini-excavator park DIG IT is open: the hard hats are hanging, the high viz is shining and the dozers are ready for their little drivers!


After opening like a wrecking ball in May, Dig It has seen thousands of kids have the ‘best day ever’, sitting in the driver’s seat, operating their own mini-excavator, just like a real construction worker, in an outdoor construction zone on a mountain famous for rocks, and at a place that’s legendary for families, Thunderbird Park! Photos and filmed vision here


DIG IT is custom-designed for both children and their parents who love to play (who doesn’t?), featuring a range of activities that are fun, educational and engaging, kids learning about the construction industry, earthworks, engineering, building, the importance of safety, and teamwork. And there’s not an iPad or Screen anywhere!


The superstars of Dig It are the nine, CAT 1.7 tonne mini-excavators built right here in Queensland. They are the real deal, with hard hats and high vis gear required onsite. The kids experience sees children sit the driver’s seat alone or on the lap of their parent or carer, to try a range of skills, from digging up the dirt, to using a claw to stack and move tyres, or using a hook. Dig it is at home at the famed Thunderbird Park, an adventure park with all levels of accommodation.


DIG IT - Australia's first mini excavator park

Thunderbird Park – Tamborine Mountain Road, Tamborine Mountain, Scenic Rim Queensland

Child or Adult admission $59 and Concession is $55.

2 hour sessions - BOOKINGS and website here  |  Phone 1800 00 DIGIT or email

Accommodation and campaign available at Thunderbirds Park HERE

OPEN EVERY DAY DURING SCHOOL HOLIDAYS (except public holidays): 8.30am - 4.30pm, sessions:

  • 8.30am - 10.30am
  • 10.30am - 12.30pm
  • 12.30pm - 2.30pm
  • 2.30pm - 4.30pm


10 reasons why Dig IT is the best school holiday activity for kids

Kids just LOVE digging in the dirt! Instead of trolling through “What’s On” websites to find something fun for kids this weekend and school holidays, do yourself a favour and book into Dig IT, Australia first mini excavator park. It’s the BEST school holiday activity around for kids and families, here’s why!


  1. Breathe in that fresh air, Dig It is in the great outdoors

Dig It is OUTSIDE – there’s no internet of video games or TV. It’s a fun, educative and highly engaging adventure for kids and families that’s ‘old school” with a modem twist. Come and dig in the dirt and watch the smiles get wider and wider.


  1. Perfect for kids who love construction equipment

Hello Bob The Builder! Most kids go through a building phase, it’s how we grow up and learn how things work. This makes Dig It the perfect activity – and we have families coming back weekend after weekend! Book your tickets to Dig IT right now and watch them have the TIME OF THEIR LIFE!


  1. Not a screen in sight

One of the biggest challenges for parents right now is managing screentime for their kids. How much screentime is okay? How do you get them off screens? What fun activities are there for kids that don’t involve a screen? Your answer: Dig IT! Once you have finished the safety induction at the beginning of your session, that is the last screen you will see for two hours – but your kids won’t care! They’ll be too busy digging, smashing, crashing and driving to even notice.


  1. Sessions are capped and everyone gets a fair go

When planning a weekend or day activity for the family, it can be hard to anticipate how busy something will be and if it’ll be worth going. At Dig IT, each two-hour session has a cap of how many people can operate the excavators, so they can guarantee an equal amount of time for every digger! No disappointments, no missing out! Everyone gets a fair go at Dig IT.


  1. A great hands-on activity

If your kid is a fan of getting their hands dirty and giving it their all, then Dig IT is the perfect place to be! Every part of Dig IT is fully interactional and gives them a hands-on experience with 1.7 tonne mini excavators. They will take on different challenges to them engaged for the full two hours, and when they’re done on the machines, there are two sandpits to play in!


  1. It’s a fun AND educational

On of the best secrets about Dig IT is that it’s overall an educational experience for kids, combining fun, engineering, problem solving and teamwork! For most kids, the simple act of using these machines helps to develop their hand-eye coordination, comprehension, and problem-solving skills in an organic and approachable way. For those with a particular interest in machinery or construction, hands-on experience is invaluable, and the friendly Dig IT staff are there to answer any questions from the curious little diggers!


  1. Great way to get kids interested in trades and engineering

We will always need builders, engineers, construction workers, project  managers and teams! Dig It gives kids a taste of these trades and learnings. For most kids this may just be a fun day out on the weekend, but for others this could be the start of a future career!


  1. Gets you out of the city, but not too far

Dig IT is at Thunderbird Park, Tamborine Mountain, just one hour’s drive from both Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Ideal for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but not have to travel too far. Enjoy your scenic drive out to where the air is fresh, the surrounds are green, and the dirt is in abundance (and perfect for digging!).


  1. Parents can get involved too

Dig IT is an inclusive part for all ages and welcomes families for a day of fun in the dirt! For younger kids, a parent can join them in the driver’s seat (with their child on their lap). So, if you’re looking for a bonding moment with the kids, or even if you just want to indulge your inner child, Dig IT is where you need to be!


  1. More activities to do at Thunderbird Park

For those wanting to fill out their weekend with family-friendly activities, or just want to make the most of their Saturday, Dig IT is part of Thunderbird Park [link:].


So, if you’re looking for the best weekend activity for your kids, make sure you look ahead and book now [link:] for Dig IT – Australia’s first mini excavator park.


For media enquiries, images and more please contact Kath Rose | 0416 291 493 |

Key Facts:

Founder and owner of DIG IT, Kate Keegan is available for interviews on request


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