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Why fully switching off at Christmas is good for our productivity & redefining leadership in 2024 for better happiness & outcomes, Margot Faraci

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Hi there,


Reaching out to see if you’d be interested in a feature or interview in the lead up to the Christmas period and New Year, on the importance of fully switching off over Christmas for our productivity, or redefining your leadership in 2024 for better happiness and outcomes.


It would be with Margot Faraci, leadership coach and a prominent senior leader in Australia with over 20 years experience at Macquarie Bank, NAB, CBA and more.


Margot holds lots of unique and first hand insight on navigating bad leadership and redefining your leadership from fear to a love-based style, maximising performance and happiness while reducing anxiety.


There’s a few areas she has deep insight on, including:

  • How to redefine your leadership in 2024 for better happiness cohesiveness and performance
  • Why fully switching off at Christmas is good for our productivity
  • Compassion and vulnerability: the new year's leadership resolutions we need to see in 2024
  • New year new job: Unpacking the “I Quit!” fantasy
  • Navigating toxic management and standing up for yourself at work
  • Workplace trends for 2024
  • How to use compassion and vulnerability as your superpower

A recent global study by Margot Faraci found that in Australia, one in three A third of corporate leaders are primarily motivated by fear, creating less efficient and less psychologically safe work environments that cost $2.3 billion annually in lost productivity. It’s a matter that goes beyond statistics; it touches the very core of leadership dynamics. 69% of fear-based leaders in Australia also firmly believe that stress can be positively harnessed in workplaces.

Margot is used to working in high-pressure industries like financial services and tech and now works as a leadership/management expert and consultant to some of Australia’s, and the world’s biggest firms, leading high-profile, cultural transformations worldwide. 

She has emerged as a prominent advocate for love-based leadership, emphasising the widespread presence and crippling consequences of fearful leadership in today's Australian business landscape. Her insights are not only relevant but crucial for understanding the dynamics of leadership.


Margot’s approach – to solve fear with love – harnesses what great leaders have proven throughout history: leveraging our most powerful human emotion is not a “soft skill” but a commanding shift. It’s a drive to results, your own potential and unleashing the potential of those you lead, without compromising your authenticity or security. Margot offers both the principles and practical advice you need to conquer today’s challenges.



It would be great to hear your thoughts and if you’re interested in speaking to Margot? She can also provide written commentary if easier.





About Margot Faraci: Margot Faraci is a senior leader with two decades of experience in the corporate world. Having previously worked in some of the biggest global companies, banks and digital companies, including Macquarie Bank, NAB,, Ashurst, and CBA, she’s led cultural transformations in multiple environments. Margot’s never been put in a situation to just keep things running the way they always did. She’s a change agent, her modus operandi being to simultaneously perform and transform – with an acute commercial focus on profit.

Contact details:

Emma Eager | | 0420 245 305

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