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A Fusion of Heritage and a Leap Towards a Greener Future – Total Image Group Introduces the Stylish “Double Denim” Uniform

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TIG Double Denim Uniform

Sydney, Australia – January 2024 – Total Image Group (TIG), a renowned family-led business with a rich legacy spanning 18 years in custom-branded uniform design and 40 years in textile manufacturing proudly announces the launch of their new uniform – embracing the timeless "double denim" look. This new ensemble pays homage to denim's roots, seamlessly merging the timeless appeal of denim jeans with the versatility of a chambray shirt.

Inspired by a commitment to be better, do better, and foster a collective responsibility towards the environment, TIG's CEO and designer, Pamela Jabbour, underscores the significance of the new uniform in aligning with the company's ethos. The "Double Denim" uniform not only embraces the timeless appeal of denim but also represents a leap towards a greener future. Jabbour emphasises TIG's dedication to quality, longevity, and purpose in uniform design.

In a world where fast fashion has rendered denim synonymous with environmental concerns, TIG takes a bold stance against the prevailing trend. While denim may be perceived as unsustainable due to the rapid pace of fast fashion, TIG sees it differently. With the belief that one to two pairs of well-made jeans can last a lifetime, the "Double Denim" uniform aligns with TIG's philosophy of quality over quantity, fit for purpose, and designed for durability, washability, and reusability.

Pamela Jabbour articulates, "As a responsible organisation striving for sustainability in all facets, our 'Double Denim' uniform is not just a stylish choice; it's a stride toward a more sustainable future." The uniform is positioned as a tangible solution, potentially reducing an individual's fashion carbon footprint by up to 77%[1] compared to the average consumer buying work clothes.

Recognising the urgent need for change in the fashion industry, TIG advocates for sustainable manufacturing and a circular fashion lifecycle. By adopting practices like organic cotton usage, water-saving techniques, natural dyes, and recycling initiatives, TIG aims to contribute to a more environmentally conscious wardrobe.

TIG has sourced its new uniform from a like-minded supplier committed to sustainability. The supplier's transparent supply chain showcases 100% visibility into fabric sources and 95% transparency regarding yarn sources and raw cotton agents, underscoring their ongoing commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Originally conceived as sturdy workwear for 19th-century labourers, denim has evolved from its industrial origins to become a globally embraced fashion symbol. Charting denim's remarkable journey, from Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis's groundbreaking invention in 1873 to its Hollywood and fashion prominence, TIG’s "Double Denim" uniform encapsulates the fabric's rich history.

As TIG pioneers the "Double Denim" look in their uniforms, they set an example for other businesses to combine style with sustainability, proving that uniforms can be both trendy and environmentally responsible.

For more information on Total Image Group and their commitment to creating customised uniforms with sustainability in mind, please visit

[1] Calculated on a uniform supplied based on 5 tops, 2 bottoms, 1 outerwear and 1 sweater. Washed weekly over a year in cold water, air dried and 100% resell or recycled at end of life.


About us:

Total Image Group (TIG), an Australian-owned family enterprise, has been a pioneer in branded uniform design and supply since 2005. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and China, they are the ultimate uniform specialists, dressing over 350,000 workers daily for esteemed clients like Ford Australia, Bonza Airlines, and the Australian Winter Olympic Team. Their commitment to excellence is unwavering, offering tailor-made creations and ready-to-wear solutions that combine fashion-forward design with purpose-built functionality. CEO and Founder, Pamela Jabbour, is a renowned authority in the uniform industry, contributing insights to publications such as Power Retail, CEO World Magazine, Franchise Business, HRD, and more. For more information visit

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