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Addressing Quality in the Era of Rising Chinese Automotive Brands

Injectronics 2 mins read
Increase in China Vehicle Sales.

In an era marked by the burgeoning presence of Chinese automotive brands, Injectronics is actively addressing the emergent quality challenges. "Our expertise is increasingly sought after for post-warranty issues, particularly with Electronic Control Units in Chinese vehicles," notes Rajbir Singh, General Manager of Injectronics.

With China’s auto exports soaring by 63.7% in 2023, bolstered by a spike in EV sales, the need for stringent quality checks is evident. The recent recall of Great Wall China's Ora model in Australia for software issues underscores this necessity.

Samuel Tan, General Manager of Marketing for Innovative Mechatronics Group, reflects on the market's evolution, stating, "There's an unmatched demand for affordable vehicles in Australia, a niche that Chinese manufacturers are filling. But this transition has highlighted a gap in the industry in which out of warranty vehicles are slipping through the cracks.”


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Injectronics, a subsidiary of IM Group and part of GUD Holdings Limited, with its 40-year legacy, is geared to enhance the durability and quality of these emerging vehicle brands. The company's commitment to sustainability, backed by ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditations, dovetails with its pursuit of quality and reliability.

As Chinese EV brands like BYD and MG gain momentum in Australia, Injectronics' role in ensuring vehicle safety and reliability becomes ever more crucial. The company's advanced remanufacturing and repair capabilities are essential to maintaining and keeping Chinese made vehicles on the road for Australian’s.

Rajbir Singh, General Manager of Injectronics, says: “At Injectronics, our extensive history and deep understanding of electrical engineering place us in a unique position to tackle the quality challenges of Chinese automotive brands. Our advanced R&D capabilities enable us to efficiently diagnose and rectify issues, ensuring high standards of performance and reliability for our customers.”

Injectronics' proactive approach in addressing these quality issues affirms its vital role in the evolving automotive landscape, ensuring that the rise of Chinese automotive brands is synonymous with reliability and excellence.

About us:

Injectronics, a leader in sustainable automotive solutions and a subsidiary of IM Group under GUD Holdings Limited, has been at the forefront of automotive parts repair and refurbishment for over 40 years. The company is committed to environmental responsibility and innovation, serving both Australia and New Zealand.

Contact details:

Rajbir Singh
General Manager Injectronics
Phone: 0413 468 027

Samuel Tan
General Manager Marketing
Phone: 0457 924 817


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