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Attention Brisbane, please prepare for … 44 SEX ACTS IN ONE WEEK!

Club House Productions 3 mins read
Attention Brisbane, please prepare for ... n44 SEX ACTS IN ONE WEEK!n

Yes, you read that correctly, the sizzling, fruity, apocalyptic rom-com 44 SEX ACTS IN ONE WEEK is coming to Brisbane and you’re gunna wanna see this!


6 microphones. 4 plastic sex tarps. Post-pandemic beatz. Heaps of fruit.*

44 Sex Acts in One Week is an apocalyptic rom-com from the razor-sharp pen of playwright provocateur David Finnigan (Kill Climate Deniers) opening at Brisbane Powerhouse from May 16 to 25 as part of the 2024 Brisbane Comedy Festival. BOOK HERE


This critically acclaimed, “brilliantly horny and unhinged” (Time Out) smash hit of the Sydney Festival FINALLY comes to Brisbane. You’re welcome ? And there’s more – it’s been nominated for The Patrick White, The Theatre Uncut and Griffin Playwriting Awards, and long-listed for the Soho Theatre Verity Bargate Award (UK), so there ? ? !


So what’s it about then (apart from the obvious ?)?

Girl meets boy.

Girl hates boy.

Girl f**s boy 44 times.

World collapses.


Watch four hilarious actors go down on their microphones, mangos, and melons in this slippery and subversive take on a classic radio play. 44 Sex Acts is a “tight, sex-positive, funny one-act play” (The Queer Review) in response to humanity’s decision to go harder, faster, faster, FASTER! towards the end of the world as we know it. Yes, we’ve included a longer version below!


PS * there’s no nudity, only simulated fruit sex ?


Who’s behind (?) this?

That would be Club House Productions. Dedicated to seriously good times in the theatre, Club House is a theatrical brains trust – a collective of crafty and exceptionally naughty theatre artists and friends, led by award-winning actor, Rebecca Massey (Beverely from HR in ABC’s Utopia ring a bell?).


The Longer Version ?

Celina is a journalist stuck writing clickbait for a lifestyle blog. It falls to her to road test a new book, The 44 Sex Acts that Will Change your Life. All she has to do is experience 44 different kinds of sex, across the full spectrum of kink by Friday.


Problem is: she needs a partner. And the only person available is her nemesis, brooding animal activist/office mail boy Alab Delusa. Sworn enemies, they now have one week to explore the endlessly undulating terrain of sex, from BDSM to role-play, from polyamory to exhibitionism. And with no time to recover. Can all this extra friction between them strike real sparks?


44 Sex Acts is a pressure cooker sexcom-come-radio-play about what drives humanity to go all the way toward the end of civilisation as we know it.  Close your eyes (if you must), have your ears felt up by foley effects, and wonder what it might be to peg someone in a camping supplies store at 10am on a Wednesday. And also, climate change.


BEWARE: “The tinsel backdrop, smushed rockmelon and growing colony of plastic frogs is all a front for a deceptively clever script” (Time Out), “jam-packed full of (David Finnigan’s) trademark irreverent wit and social commentary” (Theatre Travels)


“You’ve probably been waiting all year for something to make you laugh this hard.” (Sydney Morning Herald)




16 May to 25 May 2024

Brisbane Powerhouse, Underground Theatre


Writer David Finnigan

Director Sheridan Harbridge

Clubhouse Artistic Director Rebecca Massey

Producer Dans Maree Sheehan

Composer Steve Toulmin

Designer Trent Suidgeest



THU 16 MAY 2024 8:30PM

FRI 17 MAY 2024 8:30PM

SAT 18 MAY 2024 3:00PM

WED 22 MAY 2024 7:30PM

THU 23 MAY 2024 8:30PM

FRI 24 MAY 2024 8:30PM

SAT 25 MAY 2024 3:00PM



Adult $49*  Concession $44*  GROUP 6+ $44*




Contact details:

Kath Rose on 0416 291 493 or email


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