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Big Questions Institute (BQI) launches a ground breaking Costa Rica plant medicine retreat for 2024 “A convergence of spiritual discovery and scientific inquiry”

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The Big Questions Institute (BQI), via its fully owned subsidiary Big Questions Xpeditions (BQX), today unveils an 8-day, 7-night Costa Rica Plant Medicine Retreat designed for explorers of consciousness and seekers of healing.  This retreat is an insightful odyssey into spiritual and scientific exploration, led by Professor Dean Rickles from the University of Sydney.


Set against Costa Rica’s lush rainforest, the retreat offers an intimate wellness experience, with a limit of 10 'Xpeditioners,' ensuring personalised attention.  Participants will stay one night in San Jose, with the remainder of the retreat at a five star resort situated near spectacular Costa Rican beaches and jungles, an area renowned for its tranquillity and natural beauty.


Retreat Highlights Include:

  • An immersive experience into the ancient practice of plant medicine ceremonies led by respected shamans and medicine teams.
  • Contributions to ground-breaking research on consciousness, with options for participants to be part of the study anonymously.
  • Expert-led sessions on meditation, yoga, and integrative wellness practices.
  • A deep dive into the lush biodiversity of Costa Rica's rainforests, providing an ideal backdrop for reflection and growth.


"This retreat is more than an escape; it's a transformative experience that combines the pursuit of spiritual well-being with the advancement of scientific understanding," said Darren Dougan, Founder of BQX. "Participants will embark on a journey of self discovery while contributing to valuable research that could reshape our understanding of consciousness."


The retreat also includes a pre-trip online course given by Prof Rickles, providing participants an update on the latest scientific research into the Science of Consciousness.  Post trip integration sessions with an Australian based psychologist will also be available. 


“We’re excited to bring the Costa Rica opportunity to our BQX customers who enjoy pushing the boundaries of the known and unknown”, said Mr Dougan.  “This retreat is for those explorers who wish to understand more about reality and our place within it”.





About us:

About Big Questions Institute (BQI): BQI is dedicated to advancing foundational science research in Australia by providing strategic philanthropic funding.  As a bridge between researchers and philanthropists, BQI aligns the interests of both parties, directing significant donations to promising 'Big Question' research.  Additionally, BQI is committed to nurturing the next generation of talent by awarding annual Fellowships to emerging young Australian scientists, while also focusing on supporting women in the scientific community.



Big Questions Xpeditions (BQX): BQX is a fully owned subsidiary of BQI (Big Questions Institute).  Based in Sydney and with offices in New York, BQX is committed to supporting scientific research across three major themes – Universe, Life and Mind.  Accredited by the Australian Federation of Travel Agents, BQX offers curious explorers the opportunity to participate in field Xpeditions with world renowned Professors, visiting remote and inaccessible destinations where Big Question research is being undertaken. 

Contact details:

Suzi Jamil

Marketing Director



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