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Call your nan: New heatwave safety campaign asking people to check in on friends, family and others in the heat to save lives

Sweltering Cities 2 mins read

This year on January 27th, the deadliest day for heat-related deaths in Australia, we’re calling on people to help keep their loved ones and community safe. 

Sweltering Cities’ new heat safety campaign is calling on people to check-in on friends, family and other people who might be at risk this summer. Heatwaves are Australia’s deadliest environmental disaster and they’re expected to get worse. Quotes attributable to Sweltering Cities Executive Director Emma Bacon: 

“Heatwaves aren’t just a day at the beach, they can be seriously dangerous. It’s important that we check-in on people who might be at risk. Isolation can be deadly for older people, people who live in hot homes, people with disabilities and chronic illnesses, and others.

“The combination of hotter summers driven by climate change and a cost of living crunch means that more people than ever are worried about whether they can afford to keep cool. We’ve heard from people across the country who are being forced to choose between air conditioning or essentials like food and petrol. 

“Not only does isolation put people at risk during heatwaves, but heatwaves can also increase isolation. More than 45% of respondents in our 2022 national Summer Survey said that they avoid socialising on hot days.

“When it comes to heatwave advice, we’re told to stay out of the sun, drink water, and check-in on people. But who should we be checking-in on, when should we do it, and what advice can we give? This campaign is all about making supporting others as easy as possible. 

“It’s time to call Nan, text your friend who lives in a hot home, or drop in on family who might be struggling to keep little kids cool on hot days. 

“This January 27th, you can make sure your community is safe by checking-in. All it takes is a text, a call, or a knock on the door. 


Campaign information: 

The ‘Heatwave Check-In’ program provides online resources that can be easily shared by text or social media to help people know: 

  • Who is at risk in extreme heat events?

  • How can we help them?

  • When do we help them?

  • How to recognise the early signs of heat distress

  • How to make a house cooler

  • How to keep your pets from overheating

About us:

About us: Sweltering Cities is a registered health promotion charity with the purpose of reducing the prevalence of heat-related diseases. We are Australia’s only national community-facing heat focused organisation. Over the last three years we have heard from thousands of people who are impacted by extreme heat about their health, their homes, and what they would like done to support them to keep cool. 

Contact details:

Media contact: Emma Bacon 0401 343 058

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