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Family Car Trips Just Became Fun! Wait, what?

LiSTNR 4 mins read
LiSTNR has just dropped the pawfect antidote to ARE WE THERE YET


LiSTNR just dropped the pawfect road trip mystery:

UnTrue: The Underdogs – Catch a Cat Burglar


All parents and carers know those four little words: ARE WE THERE YETThey may have worked brilliantly through the comedic genius of Eddie Murphy (Donkey) and Mike Myers (Shrek) in SHREK, but in REAL LIFE and to most parents, they represent the monotonous verbal anthem of millions of holiday trips across Australia.


All is not lost, LiSTNR has just dropped the pawfect antidote: UnTrue: an (un)true crime podcast for kids - LiSTNR Podcasts


LiSTNR’s UnTrue, is a hilarious new (un)true crime fiction podcast series that’s both a fun mystery for kids AND a ‘true crime’ comedy for grown-ups. All episodes are now out which means it’s the PAWFECT road trip binge for both kids AND adults to listen, get involved and try and solve the mystery!


The first paaaawzling season of UnTrue: The Underdogs – Catch a Cat Burglar is adapted from the children’s graphic novel ‘The Underdogs - Catch a Cat Burglar’ by Kate and Jol Temple and illustrated by Shiloh Gordon. Over eight episodes, kids and parents alike will be drawn into the gripping and hilarious mystery of ‘The Cat Burglar’ as investigated by true crime dogcaster, Trudie Poodle, and the second-best detective agency in Dogtown – The Underdogs. Trudie and The Underdogs will sniff out clues - and chase their own tails – as they come closer and closer to unmasking the felonious feline behind Dogtown’s most paaw-zzling unsolved ‘Cat Burglar’ crimes.


Parents will recognise some of the voices in the cast, including The Chaser’s Chris Taylor who voices Detective Barkley and fellow Chaser Andrew Hansen who voices four characters, and Zehra Naqvi from the Octonauts who voices Dr Spots and Rita Ringus.


PLUS, in other barking news and in an Australian first companion-game initiative, LiSTNR has re-created Dogtown within Roblox, the global platform that brings people together through play. With familiar locations and characters, players can help the Underdogs find gems hidden by the Cat Burglar and be awarded a virtual Underdogs badge.


Here’s a quick overview of each episode….


1| Trudie Poodle Starts a Dogcast - The Underdogs Catch A Cat Burglar

There has been a spate of pawzzling crimes in Dogtown and the Pawlice are chasing their tails! Who can solve these crimes? Meet all the players as investigative journalist, Trudie Poodle, takes the ‘lead’ in her new dogcast.


Bonus Episode 1 | The Press Conference

Come behind the scenes of Trudie Poodle's Dogcast when she visits Dogtown Police Department for a press conference with Sergeant Woofington.


2| Meet The Underdogs

Trudie fails to get the Top Dogs on her dogcast, so she enlists the help of Dogtown’s SECOND-BEST detective agency, The Underdogs! Can they help her crack the case of The Cat Burglar?


3| The Cat Burglar Strikes Again

Trudie teams up with The Underdogs as the Cat Burglar strikes again! Everything starts to smell a little fishy when they visit the latest crime scene….Dogtown Fish Market.


4| A Chat With A Rat

Trudie calls a cheese-lovin’ rat who has some tasty information to share…for a price. Will it be enough to help her sniff out the Cat Burglar? Or will some sardine ice-cream help connect the dots?


Bonus 2 – The Interview

Come behind the scenes of Trudie Poodle's Dogcast for an exclusive interview with Fang on prime-time morning tv show, Dogtown Morning Walkies!


5| Here Kitty, Kitty

When Trudie and Fang meet Barkley in the dog park, they finally discover who owns the famous pink PUGatti scooter! Could this be their Kitty kriminal? Or are they barking up the wrong tree?


6| The Clues So Far

While the Underdogs continue to chase their tails, Trudie reaches out to gossip-hound, Perez Howlton for help. Does he have the in-FUR-mation they need to help solve the case?


BONUS 3 - Carl's Pizza-Cast

Come behind the scenes as Carl the Chihuahua ‘borrows’ Trudie’s dogcasting equipment to record his very own Pizza-Cast!


7|The Party

Hot on the trail of the Cat Burglar, Trudie and The Underdogs crash the biggest party in Howlywood. Will the Cat Burglar strike again? And will their disguises even get them past the front door to find out?


8| The Cat Burglar Unmasked

In the gripping season finale, the felonious furry feline that has been terrier-ising Dogtown is finally cornered! Who will be the one to finally catch the Cat Burglar? And who IS actually behind the mask? 


LISTEN HERE: UnTrue: an (un)true crime podcast for kids - LiSTNR Podcasts 

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