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MyFitnessPal, Coogee Beach Steps

Only two weeks into the New Year, optimistic Aussies are already struggling with their resolutions, as more than a quarter (28%) won’t maintain them past January, according to new research. 

While the majority of Aussies (70%) wanted to kick-start their New Year on a healthier note, seeking to improve their sleep (44%), wellbeing (41%) and healthier eating (38%), millions will have already ditched their goals. 

The data, from number one global nutrition and food tracking app, MyFitnessPal, indicates that despite Australia’s best intentions, maintaining resolutions is the real challenge, as one in ten (10%) won’t have taken them past the first week. 

However, author, nutrition expert and MyFitnessPal ambassador, Luke Hines, says not all is lost for people wanting to make positive changes for their health. 

“The resolutions we set ourselves at the start of a new year can often be overwhelming and unachievable. But if you’re struggling to stay on track, try and remember that consistency is key.” said Luke.

“If your goal is already feeling too big, then now is the time to break it down into smaller, more achievable steps, before you give up altogether.” continued Luke. 

By focusing on forming new habits, Aussies could be more likely to stick to the challenges they set themselves, according to psychologist Leanne Hall. 

“Instead of thinking of your goals as a single resolution that you must stick to, or you’ll fail, consider what new healthier habits you could implement into your routine. Small goals are easier to manage and make us feel good when we’ve achieved them. So framing it in a more positive way will be more motivating.” said Leanne. 

Whether Aussies’ set their resolutions to improve wellbeing, lose weight, gain muscle or run a marathon, more than half (57%) admit they find it difficult to maintain them. “Losing weight, as an example, is a common New Year’s resolution.

But despite our best intentions, it can be difficult to know where to start. Instead, you might want to consider things like making small food swaps, or being consistent with meal-preparation each week. Nutrition tracking apps, like MyFitnessPal can be really helpful for managing these goals. The key to success is keeping track of the small steps for long-term change.” continued Luke. 

To remind Aussies of how important a small step can be, MyFitnessPal this week popped up on the infamous Coogee Beach Steps. On Monday, the rainbow walkway included important reminders and motivational messages for Aussies wanting to take steps to a healthier year. 

For Australians wanting to maintain their healthy habits past the New Year, MyFitnessPal has launched a FREE 7 day ‘Small Steps, Big Wins’ plan which contains tips and recipes to help Australians understand both the quantity and quality of what they’re eating - to kick off their New Year right. Rather than requiring a lifestyle overhaul, the plan is designed to be approachable, helping Australians make small changes and reach their health goals in 2024.

Award-winning actress, author, and entrepreneur, Kate Hudson – along with her personal fitness trainer, Brian Nguyen – are partnering on the challenge by providing tips, tricks, food swaps, and inspirational affirmations to help users reach their personal health goals.

“I’m excited to partner with MyFitnessPal because we share a vision to help inspire people to get healthy and just take those small steps to get them started. This is something I’ve been passionate about for years so developing the Small Steps, Big Wins Plan with them was a natural next step after using the app for years to track my nutrition,” says Hudson. “This seven-day program includes great strategies like swapping out high-sugar foods and habit-stacking hydration. It’s empowering to learn more about how your body responds to nutrition and I hope users will join me on this health journey.”

To find out more about the ‘Small Steps, Big Wins’ plan  and help keep track of nutrition and exercise, download MyFitnessPal on apple, Google and other android platforms. 



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