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Hey Gold Coast, IMAGINATOR is coming, so ready your minds for March!!

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On March 21 IMAGINATOR will open in spectacular style on the Gold Coast

Calling GOLD COAST mind-adventurers, light chasers, imagination lovers, futurists and cool seekers –

you have just two months to prepare your minds for IMAGINATOR before this stunning immersive play experience opens in Surfers Paradise!


On March 21 IMAGINATOR will open in spectacular style at 3241 Gold Coast Highway in Surfers Paradise, in the hub of the Gold Coast’s all-ages playground, bringing an all-new experience to city. Importantly, this is the first time this site at Surfers has been used in 30 years. IMAGES here


Creative Director Nick Ennis said the IMAGINATOR experience was like being in a kaleidoscope of light, sound and wonder.


“Prepare to embark on a journey into the extraordinary at IMAGINATOR, a ground-breaking fusion of audio-visual art, lighting installations, futuristic gaming, and inflatable architecture. This innovative creation is redefining the boundaries of immersive entertainment, offering a one-of-a-kind experience that seamlessly blends technology and imagination,” he said.


“The immersive experience features 15 immersive experiences – five of which are brand-new and exclusive to Gold cost – that bring together the creative talents of architects, authors, audio-visual artists, futurists, renderers and sound designers.”


“IMAGINATOR builds a constant sense of anticipation. Each room is slowly revealed as you move through the space and a different atmosphere and mood is presented.  You can play, explore, relax or engage at your own pace. There are chairs and lounges throughout the experience to encourage lingering when the moment feels right,” he said.


“We can’t wait for Gold Coasters to step inside, slip off their shoes and engage with AI projections, sensor-triggered LED waves, giant silk parachute canopies, cosmic gardens, an anti-gravity sunset, an electronic hall of mirrors and a digital wishing well that whispers your greatest desires. Explore the multi-sensory and interactive play space at your leisure with the experience taking anywhere from a 15-minute walkthrough to an hour-long immersion.”


IMAGINATOR is a celebration of imagination, technology and immersive play and it’s something the whole family can do together, or … it’s the coolest date experience around!”


IMAGINATOR has been at home in Brisbane for the past two years, and we always aimed to create a home for it on the Gold Coast, and now we have the site and the space, and we are more than excited to open in March!” 



Opening end of March 2024

3241 Gold Coast Highway in Surfers Paradise

Suitable for all ages



  1. Building Blocks - giant foam blocks that come to life as you create (or destroy!)
  2. Mirror Room - watch kids fall into the 6th dimension
  3. Rain Drop Room - you move, it moves!
  4. Air jump - climb to a multi-story ledge and leap off into a glowing abyss
  5. Interactive circle screen - kids will feel like Harry Potter, with magic at their fingertips
  6. Interact with Adam - this AI will ask kids questions and keep them entertained for hours!



  1. Mirror Room – for the golden hour amber hues and epic 360 shots
  2. Light lines - movement, soft light, and the perfect instastory
  3. Digital Wishing well – whisper your wish into a voice to text wishing well and watch it materialize
  4. Galaxy Lounge – and the back drop of a life time!
  5. Interact with Atom A.I - Love Blackmirror? Come have a chat with this AI bot who’s out of this world!



  1. Bubble Lounge – for soothing sounds and videos
  2. Parachute Cinema Lounge – watch the latest in digital culture while laying a giant parachute canopy
  3. Galaxy Lounge  - relax with asteroids as you float through space
  4. Light lines - gently walk through the soft glowing rope waterfall
  5. Ginormous Padded Lounge with Glowing Orbs - before you leave, relax on the padded lounges to decompress




For more information or to purchase tickets, visit

IMAGINATOR is a joint venture of Loose Collective Pty Ltd and Unique Tents Pty Ltd.

Contact details:

Contact Kath Rose | 0416 291 493 |


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