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Hold on to your humps because 2024 is officially the Year of Camelids, and the Scenic Rim is all for it!

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2024 is officially the Year of Camelids, and the Scenic Rim is all for it_Shelby Smith and Paul Martin at Summer Land Camels

The Scenic Rim is THE place to kiss a camel, meet a fluffle of Alpacas and tell a Llama you love them!


The United Nations has decreed 2024 the official Year of Camelid, so let’s celebrate those humps! All around the world, these remarkable creatures will be celebrated - from the iconic Alpacas and llamas of South America to the enduring camels of the Middle East and Asia. Why, because camelids have played and continue to play vital roles in cultures, economies, and ecosystems around the globe. Yep, they are pretty important. And they are also super cute!


Summer Land Camels is Australia’s largest Camel dairy and the world’s largest wild camel training centre, so there’s a wonderful caravan of camels (yes, the collective noun for a group of camels is a caravan!) to meet, feed, and kiss all year, and at Mountview Alpaca Farm at Canungra there’s Alpaca Picnics, walks, painting and more. It’s the perfect place to find your Alpaca muse, as is Cedar Glen Farm Stay in the Kerry Valley just past Beaudesert, where a gorgeous fluffle of Alpacas live!




  • Summer Land Camels, Harrisville  Camel Rides, Farm Tours, Camel Milk Skincare – Summer Land Camels an easy hour drive from Brisbane and is a perfect day out and is close to the Scenic Rim Farm Shop and Café and Elderflower Farm, The Roadvale Hotel, Harrisville, Boonah and Kalbar.  
  • Mountview Alpaca Farm near Canungra is an easy drive from both Brisbane and the Gold Coast, in the heart of the mountains with loads of places to stay overnight 
  • Cedar Glen Farm Stay, Kerry Valley outside Beaudesert has lovely cottages onsite, and is close to Worendo Cottages and Tommerup Dairy Farm which also has a farmstay.


Summer Land Camels founder and owner Paul Martin explains: “At Summer Land Camels, we love camelids of all shapes and sizes, but for us, it’s all about the camels!  Australia has the largest population of wild camels in the world and our camels are the one-hump dromedary (Camelus dromedarius). We are committed to using our camels for regenerative and sustainable farming, as well as agri-tourism for food and healthcare.”


Summer Land Camels has been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to developing new products with Camel Milk, with an emphasis on preserving the amazing health benefits of the milk. “One area that has been particularly successful is the development of Camel Milk cheese. Although Camel Milk is notoriously difficult to make into cheese, our team has been able to create a nationally award-winning Persian Feta as well as Fromage Blanc, Haloumi and even cheddar.  The unique structure of the milk, with the small fat and protein molecules makes cheeses with a delicate, smooth and creamy mouthfeel and the taste is second to none. We also created a world first - Camel Milk Vodkas including our Camel Milk & Honey Vodka, Pure Camel Milk Vodka and Barrel Aged Camel Milk & Honey Vodka.”


“Perhaps the most astounding thing is that all Camel Milk dairy products can be consumed by people with dairy sensitivities and lactose issues. Camel Milk is in high demand around the world – Australian Camel Milk in particular – and to make our award-winning fresh milk available to more people, we now have our Camel Milk powder - freeze-dried to lock in the pure goodness. When it comes to skin health, Camel Milk is a saviour for many people who experience eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions.”


  • The Farm Tour & Taste is a behind-the-scenes tour that is a must if you want to learn all about camels and the true history and role of camels in Australia.
  • Another way to experience camels is to take a camel ride. It’s a unique and memorable experience that is popular for both children and adults. For the more adventurous, the Sunrise Camel Ride  is a fantastic option! 
  • The Homestead Café is a peaceful setting to enjoy lunch, take in the stunning views, and sample award-winning Camel Milk products – the Camelcinos and Camellattes come very highly recommended, as does the delicious gelato.




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