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Market Logic Software and Nextatlas Announce Partnership to Enhance AI-Driven Market Insights

Market Logic Software, GmbH 4 mins read

The newly announced integration between Nextatlas's data and Market Logic's insights platform will streamline the process for enterprises to surface and share fresh insights across their organizations.

BERLIN, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / January 30, 2024 / Market Logic Software, the market-leading SaaS provider of insight management solutions, is thrilled to announce a partnership with Nextatlas, a pioneer in AI-driven trend forecasting and consumer insights. This collaboration aims to revolutionize how businesses harness the power of artificial intelligence to access deeper insights into market trends and consumer behaviors.

Market logic's AI-driven insights platform serves as a centralized hub for managing market knowledge. The platform, powered by the company's ground-breaking AI for insights technology, DeepSights™, allows business professionals to obtain trusted insights at scale and speed through intuitive, natural language interactions.

Nextatlas complements the Market Logic platform by providing a direct link to a rich collection of forecasting and consumer insights. Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Nextatlas analyses social media data, online content, and various sources to identify emerging trends and consumer behaviors. The insights generated by Nextatlas are invaluable for businesses across industries, enabling informed decision-making related to product development, marketing strategies, and more.

The newly announced integration between Nextatlas's data and Market Logic's insights platform will streamline the process for enterprises to surface and share fresh insights across their organizations. Business users will be able to deepen their understanding of markets with DeepSights™ pulling relevant Nextatlas data into reports alongside other trusted information sources. This powerful combination of two leading AI platforms will empower business leaders, especially those in Go-To-Market functions, to identify new opportunities and innovate ahead of the competition.

"In the race to outperform the competition, companies are increasingly seeking the support of AI to shrink the time it takes to uncover and act on market and consumer insights. With that goal in mind, Market Logic's strategy is to facilitate our clients' access to an ecosystem of cutting-edge data providers. Nextatlas is renowned for its application of artificial intelligence to the creation of insights, and we are excited to be working together to help our customers shorten the insights-to-action cycle," said Olaf Lenzmann, Chief Product and Innovation Officer, Market Logic.

"We're really excited to bring together Nextatlas's AI in trend forecasting with Market Logic's DeepSights™. This partnership is a game-changer in market intelligence, making AI insights more impactful for businesses. By blending our strengths in spotting emerging consumer trends with the powerful insights from DeepSights™, we're giving companies the tools they need to stay ahead of market changes. Together with Market Logic, we're transforming how data is used in decision-making, creating a top-notch resource for businesses looking to innovate and stay competitive," said Luca Morena, Co-founder and CEO of Nextatlas.

DeepSights™ is specifically trained to understand the full meaning and context of market and consumer content. Through natural language interactions, it enables professionals in marketing, product development, and insights to explore their company's vast pool of market knowledge and extract relevant information rapidly. Drawing on internal and secondary content, DeepSights™ provides concise answers and summary reports to business users in seconds, saving significant time each day and accelerating time to action. As DeepSights™ is accessible via standard business applications, such as Microsoft Teams and Google Chat, it enables companies to bring valuable insights into the heart of daily business workflows.

To learn more about how this strategic partnership can elevate your business and increase the impact of insights on business performance, please contact

Media contact:

Daniela Zuin, CMO
Market Logic Software
Tel: +44 7799 113040

About Market Logic Software:

Market Logic is a market-leading SaaS provider of insights management solutions.

Our AI-enabled insights management platform, powered by our special purpose AI for Insights technology DeepSights, allows insights teams to equip business decision-makers with trusted insights at scale and speed. Since 2006, we've helped hundreds of consumer-focused brands across the globe to transform into insights-driven businesses. Market leaders such as Unilever, Vodafone, Bayer, and Tesco are driving innovation and making smarter market moves with the support of Market Logic.

Find out more at

About Nextatlas

Since its inception in 2012, Nextatlas has positioned itself as a pioneering force in trend forecasting and predictions, utilizing artificial intelligence to meticulously analyze social media posts on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. With a focus on early adopters, the platform evaluates information from over 300,000 users, extracting and filtering data for relevance, quality, and authenticity. Through this innovative AI technology, Nextatlas publishes daily insights into emerging trends and cultural shifts, challenging the traditionally opinion-led industry with a fully-fledged scientific approach. The platform's name symbolizes its commitment to creating not just an "Atlas for the Future," but the next evolution of a cultural Atlas - a dynamic map dynamically charting sociocultural changes with the power of AI and data analysis. Nextatlas continues to lead the charge in predictive trend detection, revealing evolving consumer behaviors and confidently predicting developments not yet visible on the horizon.

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Daniela Zuin

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