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Media alert: Experts from La Trobe Universi-TAY are available to discuss Taylor Swift’s record-breaking Australian tour

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Experts from La Trobe Universi-TAY are available to discuss Taylor Swift’s record-breaking Australian tour


Gold Rush: How Taylor Swift will help shake off Victoria’s economy woes.

Dr Paul Strickland

Senior Lecturer, Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management

La Trobe Business School

Contact: or 0408 834 727

Key points:      

  • Taylor Swift to inject $1.2 billion into the local economy            
  • Taylor’s mega-concerts offer a once in a lifetime opportunity for small business
  • Taylor’s concerts help restore Melbourne’s reputation as a major event city

 Quotes attributable to Dr Paul Strickland:

“This is a once in a lifetime tourism and hospitality opportunity for Victoria. Taylor will finish this tour and take a break touring for a few years. We might not see her in Australia again for some time.

“Tourism and hospitality in Sydney and Melbourne are set to gain from her eight concerts. Locals will spend on average $300 on tickets, plus food and beverages. Interstate tourist will spend around $1100 for additional accommodation and travel. We can expect this will inject more than $1.2 billion into the local economy.”

“Mega concerts such as these are fantastic for the local economy, they inject huge amounts of money and small businesses particularly benefit.

“From a tourism perspective, this is a money can’t buy opportunity, it puts Melbourne on the international map. International news is already discussing Taylor doing her Japan show, then jetting off to Super Bowl, then flying to Melbourne. We are literally seeing Melbourne on the map globally, and on the back of the Australian Open tennis it cements Melbourne in the top five event destinations in the world.

“Recently, we’ve had three major negative events for Victorian tourism; the cancellation of the Grand Prix prior to lock down; the extended lock-down with no tourists and the cancellation of the Commonwealth Games. Taylor’s concerts are massive for Melbourne, those lucky enough to secure tickets are helping us ‘shake it off’ and get ‘out of the woods’ financially.”

Super Star: How Taylors elite fitness rivals any Super Bowl athlete, and the gruelling effort to prepare for her Melbourne and Sydney concerts.

Dr Ebonie Rio

Senior Research Fellow, The Australian Ballet and LASEM Research Centre

Contact: or 0414 885 270

Dr Ebonie Rio is a leading sports physiotherapist and researcher. She has worked with The Australian Ballet Company, the Australian Institute of Sport, the Victorian Institute of Sport and at various Commonwealth Games, Winter Olympics, Paralympics. She spent 18 months travelling with Disney’s The Lion King stage production.

 Quotes attributable to Dr Ebonie Rio:

“Taylor would need an incredible combination of fitness, strength and endurance to be able to dance and perform for around three-and-a-half hours. While the Super Bowl also goes for about three-and-a -half hours - athletes get lots of breaks in play and only play their positions. American football athletes can be fast or strong, but they compete in short spurts (around four  seconds for the average play!). Taylor also doesn't have TV breaks to catch her breath!

“Taylor has shared details of how she has prepared for this tour which included running on the treadmill for hours at a time, while singing the whole set.

“Many sports, like football, that go for a long time allow athletes to sub off or have breaks in play. To be able to perform for the length of time - and with high energy (all while singing and not sounding out of breath) - requires aerobic fitness (like a marathon runner) and anaerobic fitness (like a sprinter). The choreography also requires co-ordination, memory and grace like dancers at the Australian Ballet and gymnasts at the Victorian Institute of Sport.”


Shake It Off: Why Taylor Swift is good for our mental health and how she makes us happy.

Ros Ben-Moshe

Adjunct Lecturer, School of Public Health and Psychology

Contact: or 0413 592 030


Ros is a leading positivity and laughter for wellbeing therapy researcher and author.

Author of ‘The Laughter Effect – How to Build Joy, Positivity and Resilience in Your Life’.


Quotes attributable to Ros Ben-Moshe:

 “Learning to laugh at yourself develops personal resilience, and that’s what we’ve seen over the passage of time with Taylor Swift. Swift's journey is a testament to the power of self-enhancing humour, a coping mechanism linked to positive psychological wellbeing  signs such as happiness, satisfaction with life, and an optimistic outlook.

“Navigating fame, Swift reframes stressful situations, be it through her songs, or spoken word. Her mindset is one steeped in humour. One of Swift’s most popular songs started off as a joke. When Swift was in her early 20s, the media was constantly commenting on her dating life or their perception of it. Swift crafted a song that playfully toyed with the idea of her as a ‘maneater’.  A demonstration of musical wit, and reclaiming of her narrative, this song evolved into her iconic song, ‘Blank Space’.

“Taylor Swift's authenticity has played a pivotal role in her influence. She doesn’t hesitate to express her genuine thoughts and emotions through her music.  She’s also candid about the importance of being authentic and true to yourself.  She pivoted from country singer to pop idol.

“Swift embraces change as a conscious decision to evolve and mature, a powerful message emanating from a place of inner confidence.

“Celebrities are often worshipped as infallible and limited to the dimension we see in the public sphere, but Taylor does not paint herself as perfect. Whether addressing her fluctuating weight from an unhealthy 00 to size 6, or openly sharing her growth journey.

“Taylor Swift offers a source of inspiration to the countless young people growing alongside her.   A role model for leading life with humour, authenticity, and commitment to happiness and in so doing cultivating personal resilience and joy.”


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