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Papalia referred to Corruption and Crime Commission over creating ‘home invasion’ risk

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Extract FOI internal review

The Western Australian Corruption and Crime Commission is investigating claims that Police Minister Paul Papalia released maps to the media that WA Police say creates significant home invasion risks.

Documents obtained under Freedom of Information show WA Police held concerns that the maps released by the minister in 2022 which showed the locations of where shooters live, provided “a serious concern for public safety, as well as the security of people’s property”, being firearms.

In one document, WA Police say the maps, which are based on firearms registry data, “provide bad faith actors with information on tempting targets, increasing the risk of home invasion, theft, and ultimately, firearms-related offences”

It was a move WA Police now say said was “wholly unacceptable”.

The complaint to the Crime Commission says members of the public are now subject to “a greater risk of crime” as a result of the ministers’ disclosure.

It says his conduct “may constitute misconduct pursuant with section 4 of the WA Corruption, Crime and Misconduct Act 2003.”

This story is the subject of a comprehensive article published by pro-gun lobby group, Politics Reloaded, at:

Politics Reloaded spokesman, Neil Jenkins, said he hopes the Commission gives proper consideration to the complaint because the minister’s conduct betrayed the privacy of information entrusted to his agency.

“It’s now clear the minister released the information despite WA police believing that doing that would facilitate crime – and home invasions” he said.

“We also now believe the minister didn’t want the police to provide him with a brief to accompany the maps, because their recommendation would have been against releasing that information”.

“We think that’s a sackable offence”, he said.

For more information (and copies of the FOI documents):Neil Jenkins – / 0425 746 066

Key Facts:

WA Minister Paul Papaplia allowed parts of the WA media to publish maps showing the locations of shooters in support of his push to rewrite the state's gun laws.

WA Police now say the maps endanger public safety and the security of property (firearms).

WA Police are also now saying that the maps create the risk of home invasion, theft, and other firearm offences.  See the attached excerpt.

This matter has now been referred to the Corruption and Crime Commission.



Contact details:

Neil Jenkins - / 0425 746 066


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