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SCANPAN Stratanium- Crafted for a Sustainable Future

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SCANPAN Sustainability

SCANPAN manufactures its environmentally friendly cookware from recycled metal.


Sydney, NSW: SCANPAN, an international premium cookware brand, demonstrates its dedication to excellent food and quality ingredients through the manufacturing of its distinctive non-stick cookware. SCANPAN Stratanium engages in the recycling of scrap metals sourced from items such as soda cans and license plates, as well as other aluminium products that might otherwise end up in landfills (Stratanium is SCANPAN’s exclusive non-stick coating). This practice, along with several other conscious efforts has resulted in a substantial reduction in their carbon footprint, conservation of water and energy, and a decrease in overall waste production.

SCANPAN Stratanium proudly emphasizes that all the aluminium used in their cookware is sourced from recycled materials. This results in the final products being crafted from a minimum of 93% recycled metal, highlighting a harmonious balance between sustainability and uncompromising quality. Furthermore, all SCANPAN cookware is manufactured free of PFOA, PFOS, and any other PFAS of concern. Manufactured in Denmark, one of the strictest food safety jurisdictions in the world, SCANPAN Stratanium meets and exceeds every requirement.

Jesper Brund, Owner and CEO of the company commented, “Minimizing our environmental footprint has been our commitment since my father founded the company and continues to be our guiding principle. From our family-owned business to your family’s table, making safe, long-lasting cookware is our priority.


SCANPAN Sustainability SCANPAN Sustainability


Facts and Figures

SCANPAN continuously strives to enhance sustainability in its production process, integrating it into the core of the brand. The difference is clear:



  • By making the conscious decision to use recycled aluminium, SCANPAN contributes to minimizing the waste created in comparison to mining Bauxite for aluminium.
  • In 2022 only 9% of the total company’s waste went into a landfill.


  • Approximately 95% less energy is used in the production of recycled aluminium compared to extracting and processing new aluminium.
  • 87% of SCANPAN’s electricity is sourced from wind, water, and solar power (vs 12% in 2021).


  • An uncompromising focus on quality increases the cookware's lifetime, limiting end-user consumption and ensuring less cookware ends up in landfills.

Eco-friendly Packaging:

  • All cardboard packaging is made of 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard and paper material.
  • The use of minimal packaging and packaging inserts reduces waste.


More information can be found at

Built to Last a Lifetime

Built to Last a Lifetime

About us:

SCANPAN is one of the world's leading producers of PFOA-free nonstick products, a 100% Danish-owned company based in Denmark. Founded in 1956, SCANPAN takes pride in producing quality, long-lasting kitchenware for modern kitchens. Recently, it was featured as one of the ‘11 best cookware brands and sets to buy in Australia in 2023 on

Contact details:


Arushi Mehra

PR Officer

T: +61 2 9482 6625 


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