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The Battle of the Zombie Boogers is the brand new season of LiSTNR's hugely popular and award-winning Busy Bodies podcast





Could there be a better and more fantastically disgusting title for a kids' podcast? The Battle of the Zombie Boogers is the brand new season of LiSTNR’s hugely popular and award-winning Busy Bodies podcast, written and hosted by the much loved children’s entertainer and comedian Mr Snot Bottom (interviews available with Mr Snot Bottom on request and imagery HERE)


The first episode drops THIS Monday February 5, and is a must-listen!

Listen Busy Bodies - The Battle Of The Zombie Boogers | LiSTNR


Busy Bodies disguises ‘educational’ facts about the human body (and mind) with silly humour and icky jokes that kids love. This season, the series takes a very close up look at about what ACTUALLY goes on inside our nose, asking the hard hitting questions for kids, like, what are boogers for? Is it OK to eat them? How does snot keep us healthy? Why do we sneeze?


Kids join Mr Snot Bottom and all his friends (known as the Snot Squad, of course!) as they shrink down so they can take an utterly brilliant adventure into the human body to discover all there is to know about the science of snot, whilst also fighting off the … TERRIFYING ZOMBIE BOOGERS!!


There’s a catchy musical number about the colours and functions of boogers, as the Snot Squad face the Zombie Boogers, a mucus apocalypse and a potential Boog-zilla when their attempt to create an AI booger goes terribly wrong. That’s just in the first three episodes!


It actually couldn’t get any better! Or could it? Through their boog-normous listening adventure, kids learn about colds and flus, the importance of medicines, the concept of allergies and histamines, the difference between bacteria, fungi, and viruses and why personal hygiene is needed. Snotageddon averted!


In 2024, noses have never been more interesting (kids won’t believe their ears, but wait, that’s another series!).


LiSTNR is home to a huge line-up of multi-award-winning podcasts for children, many produced in association with education providers, scientists and even art galleries, with the aim to engage, educate and entertain kids. So, charge your device and prepare to download!


Busy Bodies – The Battle Of The Zombie Boogers

Episode 1 launches 6am, Monday February 5 – here

New episodes every Monday.

Favourite or follow Busy Bodies now to hear the first episode February 5, 2024. 

Written and voiced by: Mr Snot Bottom (children’s entertainer and comedian

Sound Design: Josh Newth

Producer: Phoebe Zukowski-Wallace

Executive Producer: Lorna Clarkson


About LiSTNR:

LiSTNR is a curated and personalised, free app offering radio, podcasts, music, and news, creating a new audio destination for all Australians. Featuring a fun and intuitive onboarding process, LiSTNR delivers an audio destination that is built for individual listeners’ routines and preferences. Highly personalised, it provides listeners a new world of audio entertainment, with their own daily feed of audio and easy discovery of new content through curated recommendations. Available across a large array of devices including both iOS and Android, CarPlay and Android Auto, Google Assistant and Alexa and Android TV, LiSTNR enables a fantastic listening experience, anytime and anywhere. Open your Ears to a new world of audio – download the free app today.



Contact details:


For interviews, imagery or anything else snot related, contact: Kath Rose on 0416 291 493 or email


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