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Expert sources & articles available: The future of work

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What does the future of work look like?

Before 2020, work from home, Zoom meetings, the four-day week, flexibility and remote working and AI were not topics we discussed much. But COVID changed everything.

Now, workers and employers are scrambling to adapt and work out the best solutions.

360info has commissioned academic experts to write about the future of work.The following articles are available for reuse/republication under Creative Commons 4.0. You may also use them as a resource for ideas and sources, with attribution. Links will direct you to our free digital wire service, 'Newshub'. 

The four-day week looks here to stay
Orla Kelly, University College Dublin
A shorter week reflects a flexible and results-oriented culture, where employees are judged on the quality of work rather than how long they are in the office.

If I could earn back time: Workers feel tech benefits
John Hopkins, Swinburne University
Employers have benefited from technological advances for a century. Now it’s employees’ turn.

Designing an office worth going back to
Iva Durakovic, UNSW; Christhina Candido, University of Melbourne; Samin Marzban, University of Wollongong
Building the workplaces of the future means rethinking how office space is used and what flexibility means.

Work is changing so fast can employers keep up?
Shiwangi Sharma, Nandini Srivastava, Gauri Bhasin, Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies
COVID changed the way we work. It also changed the way employees see their work. It could have huge implications.

How automation will shape future of work in India
Anita Hammer, King’s College London
Automation could reproduce informal and precarious work rather than transform existing trends. 


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