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Farmers warmly welcome better choice of vehicles to Australia

Farmers for Climate Action 2 mins read
Farmers for Climate Action has applauded the Federal Government for finally improving Australia’s fuel efficiency and vehicle pollution standards, a move which will increase customer choice and see more modern, fuel efficient utes and 4WDs arrive in Australia, saving regional Aussies thousands in fuel costs.
Farmers for Climate Action is now one of Australia’s biggest farm groups, representing 8000 farmers.
Until now, Australia and Russia were the only countries in the world which did not have fuel efficiency and vehicle pollution standards. This meant car makers were sending their most fuel-efficient cars to countries such as the US and New Zealand whilst dumping their least efficient and most polluting models in Australia. The new Australian standard only applies to cars to be imported into Australia and does not ban any current car. The standard is a middle-ground standard; and is not as strong as the EU standard. 
Farmers for Climate Action CEO, Natalie Collard, said regional Australians would finally get the choice of vehicles which those living in other countries already get.
“We believe farmers and regional Australians deserve the same choice of utes, 4WDs and family cars which people living in the US and New Zealand have,” Ms Collard said.
“The move will increase our choice of diesel and petrol utes and 4WDs as well as see better electric utes finally arrive in Australia - it does not ban any car currently on the road.
“Australians deserve the ability to choose more efficient vehicles if we want, and we haven’t had real choice until now. Finally, car makers in other countries won’t be allowed to dump their most polluting, least fuel efficient cars in Australia now that Australia’s pollution and fuel efficiency standards will be the same as other countries around the world.
“We know regional people drive further and pay more for fuel. A study by Solar Citizens, based on Australian Bureau of Statistics data on how far drivers travel, has found regional drivers are set to save $4 billion over the next five years in reduced fuel costs as more fuel-efficient car models finally become available in Australia. Drivers in the Hunter region alone are set to save $122 million over the next five years; drivers in the Bendigo region $77 million, and drivers in the Hume region (north east Victoria) a combined $99 million.
“There are electric utes being sold overseas with ranges of up to 800km and acceleration of up to 100km/hr in three seconds. We’d like to see those utes here.”


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