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Leading Forex Brokers in Australia Partnering with Fxtriangle: Fusion Markets, ACY Securities, and BlackBull Markets

Hilliant Research And Technology Private Limited 3 mins read


Fxtriangle Surpasses $38 Million USD AUM, Elevates Excellence in Forex Managed Account Services with Audited Statements

Organization: Fxtriangle (Hilliant Research And Technology Private Limited)
Address: Intershore Chambers, P.O.Box 4342, Tortola VG1110, BVI

And 1st Level, The Legacy, 25/A, Shakespeare Sarani Rd, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017

Date: 8/2/2024

Tortola, BVI 

Introduction: In Australia's thriving Forex market, several prominent brokers stand out for their commitment to excellence and dedication to meeting traders' diverse needs. Fusion Markets, ACY Securities, and BlackBull Markets are among the top choices for traders seeking reliability, transparency, and cutting-edge technology. Notably, these brokers have established partnerships with Fxtriangle, enhancing their offerings with discretionary Forex managed accounts services and exclusive rebates for traders. Let's explore how these collaborations further solidify their positions as industry leaders.

1. Fusion Markets: Fusion Markets continues to distinguish itself with its commitment to transparency, competitive pricing, and advanced technology. Partnering with Fxtriangle, Fusion Markets offers:

  • Discretionary Forex Managed Accounts: Through its collaboration with Fxtriangle, Fusion Markets empowers traders with access to discretionary managed accounts, allowing them to benefit from the expertise of professional traders while maintaining full control of their investments.
  • Volume Rebates: Fusion Markets rewards traders with exclusive rebates based on their trading volume, incentivizing active participation in the market and enhancing overall profitability.

2. ACY Securities: ACY Securities' reputation for comprehensive trading products and personalized customer service is further strengthened by its collaboration with Fxtriangle. Here's how ACY Securities complements its offerings:

  • Discretionary Forex Managed Accounts: ACY Securities partners with Fxtriangle to provide traders with discretionary managed accounts, enabling them to capitalize on the expertise of seasoned professionals while enjoying the flexibility to tailor their investment strategies.
  • Volume Rebates: Traders at ACY Securities benefit from volume rebates, incentivizing them to engage in frequent trading activities and maximizing their earning potential in the Forex market.

3. BlackBull Markets: BlackBull Markets' commitment to competitive trading conditions and client education is augmented by its partnership with Fxtriangle. Here's what traders can expect from this collaboration:

  • Discretionary Forex Managed Accounts: BlackBull Markets collaborates with Fxtriangle to offer discretionary managed accounts, allowing traders to leverage the expertise of skilled professionals while maintaining control over their investment decisions.
  • Volume Rebates: Traders trading with BlackBull Markets enjoy rebates based on their trading volume, providing an additional incentive for active participation in the market and optimizing profitability.

Conclusion: Fusion Markets, ACY Securities, and BlackBull Markets have solidified their positions as leading Forex brokers in Australia by partnering with Fxtriangle to offer discretionary Forex managed accounts services and exclusive volume rebates for traders. Through these collaborations, traders gain access to professional management services, enhanced trading opportunities, and valuable incentives, further elevating their trading experience and success in the dynamic Forex market.

Key Facts:

Fxtraingle is an independent advisor that connects to various regulated brokers. Before contemplating an investment in this field, it is essential to thoroughly evaluate your financial standing and consider seeking guidance from an independent financial advisor. FXtriangle strongly discourages utilizing loan instruments for trading, as this can adversely impact your financial stability. It is imperative not to invest funds that you cannot afford to lose. FXtriangle extends its services globally, with exceptions for Nigeria, the British Virgin Islands, and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Additionally, we provide limited services in certain jurisdictions where investing in overseas markets or FX exchanges is prohibited by local laws.

About us:


It's important to note that the information provided in this press release is based on available public information and general industry knowledge. The mention of Fxtriangle managing almost 40 million USD split across Fusion Markets, ACY Securities, and BlackBull Markets is intended for illustrative purposes only and may not represent real-time or accurate figures. The actual amount managed by Fxtriangle and its distribution across different brokers may vary over time and is subject to change based on market conditions, investor preferences, and other factors.


Additionally, while Fusion Markets, ACY Securities, and BlackBull Markets are reputable Forex brokers known for their quality services, the decision to engage in trading activities or utilize managed accounts services with these brokers should be made after careful consideration of individual financial goals, risk tolerance, and suitability. Investors are encouraged to conduct thorough due diligence, consult with financial advisors, and review the terms and conditions provided by these brokers and Fxtriangle before making any investment decisions.


Furthermore, past performance is not indicative of future results, and trading in the Forex market involves inherent risks, including the potential loss of invested capital. Any investment decisions made based on the information provided in this press release are done so at the sole discretion and responsibility of the investor.


Fxtriangle, Fusion Markets, ACY Securities, and BlackBull Markets are separate entities, and their respective services, offerings, and partnerships are subject to their own terms and conditions. This press release does not constitute financial advice or a recommendation to engage in any specific investment activity. Investors are encouraged to conduct independent research and seek professional advice tailored to their individual circumstances before engaging in any financial transactions.

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