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Queensland Pacific Metals Ltd (ASX:QPM) – US HPA Marketing Samples Assayed at 5N Purity

Queensland Pacific Metals Ltd (ASX:QPM) 2 mins read

Queensland Pacific Metals Ltd (ASX:QPM), a leading innovator in the high purity alumina (HPA) market, is thrilled to announce the achievement of a significant milestone in its HPA marketing and development efforts. The company's latest assay results from a 5kg HPA marketing sample have confirmed an exceptional 5N (99.999%) purity level, as tested by the internationally renowned Eurofins EAG Laboratories.

This remarkable achievement underscores the effectiveness of the proprietary processing technology developed in collaboration with Lava Blue. Notably, the assay was conducted on samples produced by the Lava Blue HPA Demonstration Plant, which operates with a single stage of purification and crystallisation. This result is particularly impressive considering QPM's commercial plant design incorporates a dual-stage purification and crystallisation process, promising even higher purity levels for future production.

The assay results from Blend 4 of the initial six ~10kg blends produced in the first campaign have showcased outstanding purity levels, with Batch 4-1 achieving 99.99916% purity and Batch 4-2 reaching 99.9988% purity. An additional significant finding from the assays is the chloride content of <1 ppm, indicating a complete conversion to HPA and full recovery of chloride, which is critical for the production process's efficiency and environmental sustainability.

QPM's achievement of 5N purity in its HPA samples is a testament to the company's commitment to innovation and excellence in the HPA market. The high purity level not only positions QPM's product at a premium compared to 4N HPA but also demonstrates the robustness and commercial viability of QPM's HPA production process.

With the independent assays now complete, QPM is poised to distribute these high-quality marketing samples to potential offtakers in the United States, marking a significant step forward in the company's marketing and commercialization strategy.

Queensland Pacific Metals Ltd is excited about the future prospects of its HPA project and remains dedicated to advancing its technology and production capabilities to meet the growing demand for high-purity alumina in various industrial and technological applications.


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