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Shenglong Electric’s metaverse-based smart building management system makes impressive debut

Shenglong Electric 2 mins read

Recently, Shenglong Electric, a leading Chinese electrical enterprise, held the company's fourth expo at the National Communication Center for Science and Technology in Beijing.


It was hard to find any air conditioning switches in the vast venue, and the building could automatically adjust the temperature of the air conditioning based on the change of the number of visitors. This is one of the application scenarios of the metaverse-based intelligent building management system created by Shenglong Electric.


Once released, this application scenario immediately became the hot topic in the domestic smart building industry as it was the first real-life attempt at metaverse-based smart building. It has been a trailblazer in many fields, including the first intelligent IoT building, the first building with metaverse operation and maintenance, the first AI low-carbon green building and the first smart building operated by AI.


The metaverse-based intelligent building management system has a strong IoT interface. For the first time it integrated more than 20 different subsystems including air conditioning, security, fire protection, building control, and power, which used to run separately, according to Zhang Lihui, head of Shenglong Electric's research and development team.


Therefore, in the communication center with a total construction area of more than 60,000 square meters, there is no traditional air conditioning or lighting control panel on the wall, sparing the need for complicated integrated wiring.


Through autonomous learning, the smart building management system automatically controls the operation of all equipment in the whole building under different weather and traffic environments without human intervention, effectively reducing energy consumption while meeting the needs of the building.


In addition, this system can also make predictions to realize intelligent control of cooling and heating.


For example, if the date of an exhibition is entered into the system in advance, the system will predict the number of visitors in a certain exhibition hall at a specific time based on the past data, and adjust the room temperature in advance, thus saving energy consumption and improving the visiting experience.


This metaverse-based smart building management system can reduce operation and maintenance costs by 70% and energy consumption by 15% respectively.


At the expo, Shaikh Muhammad Shariq, the chief representative of the National Bank of Pakistan in China, sent an invitation to Shenglong Electric.


He said that Pakistan attaches importance to Shenglong Electric's exploration and outstanding achievements in power equipment and electrical automation, and welcomes these achievements to participate in the construction of Pakistan-China Economic Corridor to become a new benchmark for Pakistan-China cooperation.


Rachid, a commercial counselor from Morocco, was also impressed by the products from China.


"Hubei is well-known for its high technologies, which benefit the whole country. I think the high-end technology of enterprises like Shenglong Electric should be a good case for Chinese enterprises, including Hubei enterprises, to study, especially in the attempt to combining smart technologies," said Rachid.


Source: Shenglong Electric


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