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Study on the safety of Elixinol Hemp Extract is published in Journal of Toxicology

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Elixinol Wellness Limited (ASX: EXL) continues to be a pioneer in the global hemp industry, with the release of a new paper into the safety of Elixinol Hemp Extract in leading scientific publication, Journal of Toxicology.

The paper, entitled “Safety of Elixinol Hemp Extract: In VitroGenetic Toxicity and Subchronic Toxicity in Rat”, reports on safety studies of Elixinol Hemp Extract in rats and concludes that the Extract is safe to use and does not have any adverse effects at the highest dose tested. The paper also suggests that the Elixinol Hemp Extract may have some benefits for human health, with additional studies needed to confirm this.

Elixinol Group CEO and Managing Director, Ron Dufficy, said: “The positive safety results, now published in a well-respected scientific journal, stand Elixinol Hemp Extract and Elixinol more broadly in good stead for the future of our hemp products and offerings.”

Elixinol Hemp Extract contains a blend of hemp extract, cannabidiol (CBD) isolate, and copaiba. CBD is a compound that comes from the cannabis plant and copaiba is a resin that comes from a tropical tree and has anti-inflammatory properties.

The paper details two studies that tested the effects of the Elixinol Hemp Extract on rats. The first study was a short-term 15-day study and the second was a long-term 90-day study. The study found that the Extract did not cause any harmful effects on the rats. It did note some changes in the rats’ liver cells and liver weight, however these changes were not serious and did not affect the liver function. The changes also reversed once the Extract was stopped. 

The paper concludes, “The results from the present studies indicate that Elixinol Hemp Extract is well tolerated in male and female Sprague–Dawley rats and this information contributes to the growing amount of safety information available for hemp extracts and specifically highlights the safety profile of Elixinol Hemp Extract.”

The full paper can be accessed via this link:

About us:

Elixinol Wellness Limited (ASX: EXL) is a pioneer in the global hemp industry, innovating, marketing, and selling hemp and other plant-derived food, skincare, and nutraceutical products:

In Australia, Elixinol Wellness operates a vertically integrated business which produces, manufactures, and distributes a range of highly complementary products delivered across four verticals – human nutrition, human wellness, pet wellness and superfood ingredients. We help our customers feel better by providing delicious, nutritious, and convenient health products, which improve and enrich our customers' lives. These products are sold under brands including Hemp Foods Australia, Mt Elephant and Field Day and are sold through grocery, wholesale, and e-commerce channels. The Australian Superfood Co supplies Australian natives and superfood ingredients to white label customers as well as food, beverage, and beauty manufacturers.

In the Americas, innovating, marketing, and selling high quality Elixinol branded hemp and other plant-derived nutraceutical and skincare products based in Colorado, USA.

In the United Kingdom, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa, branded hemp and other plant-derived products are available to consumers via exclusive distribution and/or trademark and know-how licensing agreements.

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