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AUSTRALIA, March 21, 2024 - Aussies are falling for common misconceptions and healthy food traps, with new data revealing ongoing gaps in nutrition knowledge that could be hindering their long-term health goals. 


According to the latest research commissioned by the number one global food and nutrition app MyFitnessPal, Australians aren’t in the know when it comes to the nutritional value within the food they consume, with the majority (92%) reporting they have no idea how much protein, fibre, carbs, sugar, and salt they eat daily. Concerningly, these figures have seen little improvement from the first iteration of the Nutrition IQ survey shared in 2022. 


When quizzed about their eating habits, Australians continue to assume they are consuming more proteins than they actually are, while underestimating the amount of carbs and fat in food they eat. 


Contrary to popular belief, seemingly healthier options such as chicken schnitzel, Caesar salad and fish tacos (approx. 490 calories) are often more caloric than ‘junk food’ alternatives such as a cheeseburger (approx. 380 calories). 


The data also shows how acai bowls, a beloved summertime snack option for many, are often assumed to include very few grams of carbs, when in reality they add up to almost double the amount of the average burger.  


“Between hectic family life and demanding work schedules, plus a general lack of nutrition education, Australians struggle to make informed decisions about the foods they choose to fuel their bodies,” says Katie Keil, Chief Marketing Officer of MyFitnessPal. 



“Having a tool to log food intake, track calories, and receive nutritional insights is why MyFitnessPal has been successful at helping users reach their health and wellness goals.” 



Nutrition and food tracking  can go hand-in-hand when striving to meet overall wellness goals, and 18% of Australians choose to lean into tracking their intake, according to the findings. More than half (54%) of people surveyed who track intake say they’ve been shocked by the portions they were eating before they started tracking.



With the data showing that Australians’ knowledge of nutrition has not deepened significantly over the past two years, MyFitnessPal formed a scientific advisory council to guide the development of nutrition content, tools, and features that support members in achieving their health and nutrition goals. 


As one of the world’s most trusted resources on nutrition, MyFitnessPal has pulled together top experts from across the industry – with diverse backgrounds and varied areas of expertise – to form the MyFitnessPal Scientific Advisory Council. In working together, MyFitnessPal and its Scientific Advisory Council will help people make better food choices by providing improved app features and new plans that will not only educate app users on nutrition, but also provide them with the motivation and sense of progress needed to achieve their health and weight goals. 



Members of the Scientific Advisory Council include:


  • Danielle Belardo, MD: Dr. Belardo is a preventive cardiologist and the founder of Precision Preventive Cardiology, a multidisciplinary practice focusing on cardiovascular disease prevention, cardiometabolic health, and weight management. She is the chair of the American Society for Preventive Cardiology Nutrition Committee.


  • Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDCES: Ms. Palinski-Wade specialises in helping her clients – who are typically mothers – manage their blood sugar and Type 2 diabetes. She takes an additive approach to nutrition versus a restrictive one, and works with her clients to figure out how to give them more options so that the changes they make nutritionally are sustainable.


  • Janese Laster, MD: Dr. Laster is board certified in Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Obesity Medicine, and nutrition. During her Gastroenterology fellowship she became interested in nutrition and bariatric endoscopy and sought out additional training. She completed the Nestle Clinical Nutrition fellowship program and then an advanced endoscopic bariatric training fellowship with an international expert. Dr. Laster is the founder of Gut Theory Total Digestive Care, a comprehensive weight management practice using evidence-based nutrition, anti-obesity pharmacology, and non-invasive bariatric endoscopic weight loss procedures.


  • Maya Feller, MS, RD, CDN: Ms. Feller of Brooklyn-based Maya Feller Nutrition, where her team focuses on the provision of culturally responsive medical nutrition therapy for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, mood disorders, and disordered eating.  She is  author of Eating from Our Roots: 80+ Healthy Home-Cooked Favourites from Cultures Around the World (goop Press), and Co-Host of Well, Now Podcast, Slate’s new wellness podcast.


  • Myles Spar, MD: Dr. Spar is board-certified in Internal and Integrative Medicine, specialising in men’s health, and is the National Medical Director for AndHealth. He helps his patients address the root cause of their condition through five pillars – one being nutrition – to help them reach their health goals. He advocates for his predominantly male patient roster by always focusing on a goal versus wellness and prevention.


  • Nicola Guess, RD, PhD: Dr. Guess is a UK and US registered dietitian with a special interest in the role of nutrition in cardiometabolic disease, particularly Type 2 diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. She leads clinical trials in nutrition for the University of Oxford, in addition to running her own nutrition consultancy and seeing patients in her clinical practice.


  • Scott Keatley, RD: Mr. Keatley is the co-owner of Keatley Medical Nutrition Therapy and focuses on managing specific disease states and conditions related to nutrition such as diabetes, obesity, and sports nutrition. A majority of Scott’s clients are males looking to lose weight, but they’re also looking to address longevity and gut health.


“Their work with patients ensures that we are creating content, features, and experiences around topics that matter most to people when it comes to their nutrition. We’re thrilled to be working with and learning from the range of experts that form our new advisory council,” says Keil.



For more information on MyFitnessPal, visit or download via  App Store and Google Play.




.About MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is the #1 global nutrition and food tracking app for achieving health goals, especially weight management. Since 2005, MyFitnessPal has empowered over 200 million users in over 120 countries to improve their health by tracking their food, recording exercise activity, and logging their weight. As one of the world's most trusted resources on nutrition, MyFitnessPal's mission is to help people around the world reach their health goals through better food choices by providing knowledge, motivation and a sense of progress. With one of the largest food databases in the world comprising over 19 million foods, access to over 500 recipes, more than 50 workout routines and exercise demos, and over 40 connected fitness partners, MyFitnessPal provides users with tools for positive healthy change.


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