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Australian AI company SmartMeasures launches first USA-based office to tackle customer churn and debt challenges for retail energy providers

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SmartMeasures Cofounders: Mike Crooks and Libby Dale

SmartMeasures, an Australian AI company that merges AI with Behavioural Science, is thrilled to announce the opening of its first US-based office in Houston, Texas. This strategic expansion marks a significant milestone in SmartMeasures' journey to take their proven cutting-edge technology to American Retail Energy Providers (REPs) facing similar challenges of customer churn and customer debt as Australian Energy Retailers.

"Our decision to open an office in Houston comes from the striking parallels between the American Retail Energy market and Australia.  Both face daunting challenges of steep customer churn rates and mounting customer debt amid fierce competition and escalating energy and living costs,” said Libby Dale, Cofounder of SmartMeasures.  “Unlike a traditional AI software company, we're not just handing over the keys and crossing our fingers for success. Our engagement is a managed service so we actively partner with our clients to deliver results that far exceed the investment.”

“Investing in AI can be a risky proposition for enterprises with uncertain returns however SmartMeasures uses a low-risk, safe method to allow clients to prove the returns exist for their business before making an ongoing commitment.”

SmartMeasures' flagship products include a churn prediction and treatment solution, which has been successfully reducing customer churn for businesses since 2018.  Additionally, SmartMeasures recently launched a debt reduction solution in 2023, further enriching its portfolio of cutting-edge AI offerings.  This strategic expansion underscores SmartMeasures' commitment to bringing transformative AI solutions to businesses worldwide, fostering growth, and driving profitability.

The ground-breaking solutions offered by SmartMeasures employ state-of-the-art AI technology to predict customer behaviours, get in early before the problem escalates, and utilise 'nudge' theory to guide these behaviours toward desired outcomes. Whether averting churn or driving prompt bill payments, the SmartMeasures platform proactively nudges customers in the right direction delivering more customers that stay and more customers that pay. 

Key Facts:

SmartMeasures expands to Texas bringing AI solutions to US Retail Energy Providers facing churn and debt challenges. Co-founder Libby Dale cites parallels between the US and Australian energy markets. SmartMeasures' AI predicts behaviours, intervenes early, and nudges customers for optimal outcomes. Flagship products reduce customer churn and debt, driving growth and profitability for energy retail businesses.

About us:

SmartMeasures is an Australian AI startup specialising in delivering transformative solutions that merge AI with Behavioural Science.  With a mission to drive tangible business outcomes by accurately predicting and influencing human behaviour, SmartMeasures empowers organisations to make data-driven decisions that fuel growth and profitability.  Founded in 2017, the churn prediction and treatment product has successfully reduced churn for businesses since 2018, while the debt reduction solution was launched in 2023, driving even more success for clients.

Contact details:

Libby Dale



+61400 633 729


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