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Broken relationships to the rescue: Intuit QuickBooks and Matt Okine Introduce the ‘Okine Hotline’, helping Aussies make it up to those who they have let down

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Research reveals nearly half of Australians feel admin tasks create significant strain due to time loss, or cause tension in their relationships.

[Sydney, 12 th March 2024] - Feeling like that dreaded admin is the roadblock to important milestones or quality time with loved ones? You're not alone – research by Intuit QuickBooks has uncovered a sobering reality: a whopping 3 in 4 (77%) Aussies feel admin woes have impacted their relationships. So much so, 1 in 2 report they find admin tasks about as appealing as a root canal, with the majority (67.24%) either finding it overwhelming or confessing to avoiding it like it's the plague.

Weighing in on the burden of business admin, additional insights from the research reveal:

  • Nearly half of Aussies (48.48%) feel the weight of admin tasks, resulting in time loss and relationship strains..
  • The majority of Aussies (58.77%) admit that admin-related strain impacts their relationships.
  • More than half (54.72%) have a Small Business Owner (SBO) in their lives, revealing the prevalence of small business matters across Australia.
  • Sadly over 2 in 5 Aussies (41.76%) either shy away from discussing the admin burden with their significant other, or are unsure how to tackle it but are eager to learn how to lighten the relationship load.

But fear not, fellow Aussies, because relief is here in the form of the ‘Okine Hotline’ – your one-stop-shop for banishing admin woes and reclaiming your sanity. Created in collaboration with the ever-charming comedian and all-around legend, Matt Okine, this hotline is set to revolutionise the way we tackle those pesky admin tasks.

The ‘Okine Hotline’ isn't your average customer service line – it's a lifeline for those drowning in paperwork and missing out on the fun. Picture this: instead of sweating over spreadsheets, you could be laughing it up with Matt Okine himself, as he dishes out practical solutions and light-hearted banter to help you conquer even the most dreaded of admin tasks.

With the hotline set to launch on March 12th, Intuit QuickBooks, alongside Matt Okine, urges all Aussies to dial 1800-BIZDIF and share their greatest admin frustrations, from paperwork nightmares to scheduling hiccups. With a staggering 40% of Aussies revealing that admin struggles have resulted in missed milestones like anniversaries, school concerts, or even flights home, the charming and empathetic Matt Okine is spearheading efforts to salvage relationships, one call at a time. Who knows? Matt might even personally reach out to some fortunate callers' loved ones to make amends for those missed moments – now that’s what we call a return on investment.

Don't let admin tasks cramp your style or your love life – Dial 1800-BIZDIF from the 12th March to share how admin is affecting your life, and let the ‘Okine Hotline’ help you get the time back for what matters most!

About us:

About Intuit Intuit QuickBooks offers accounting software solutions to simplify financial management for individuals and businesses. With innovative tools and expert support, QuickBooks helps streamline operations and achieve financial goals.

About Matt Okine Matt Okine is an award-winning comedian, actor, and presenter known for his witty humour. With a passion for laughter, Matt provides practical advice and light-hearted commentary on admin challenges as part of his collaboration with Intuit QuickBooks.

Contact details:

For more information about the ‘Okine Hotline’, please contact:

Ainslie Lambourne, Edelman Australia

+61 424 424 284

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