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Where to go in Dubai to experience authentic Emirati food


Now boasting more than 13,000 restaurants and cafes, Dubai has grown into a vibrant and thriving culinary capital. Offering a variety of experiences for foodies, including award-winning restaurants and homegrown concepts, the city is also home to traditional favourites serving Emirati and regional cuisine. With authentic treasures just waiting to be discovered, we pick out Dubai’s best Emirati restaurants and dishes, and renowned chefs and food experts share their favourite places to eat Emirati food in the city.

The best Emirati restaurants in Dubai


Al Fanar Restaurant & Cafe

With four locations in the city, including its Al Seef venue which is featured in the MICHELIN Guide Dubai, Al Fanar serves a menu of authentic Emirati dishes, using age-old recipes and local ingredients to tell a story of heritage and culture. Traditional architecture adds to the backdrop of this popular restaurant which offers a faithful recreation of old-world Arabia with rustic-style decor and a varied menu. Dish to try: Al Fanar seafood tray (grilled sea bream, prawn biryani, deep fried fish roe, and calamari on white rice),


Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant

Located in the heart of Old Dubai in Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, Al Khayma is both a restaurant and museum that reflects the city’s rich culinary heritage. Awarded a Bib Gourmand by MICHELIN, Al Khayma has a particular focus on Emirati flavours and also hosts traditional cooking classes. Dish to try: lamb machboos (lamb pieces marinated with Emirati machboos spices with saffron rice),



Meaning ‘mouthful’ in Arabic, Logma at Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue gives a contemporary take on Khaleeji and Emirati cuisine. Whether you’re craving conventional street food or innovative twists on classic dishes, Logma provides a unique culinary journey. Dish to try: chicken shawarma paratha (shawarma slices, lettuce, tomato, pickles and coleslaw served in flatbread).


Arabian Tea House

The Arabian Tea House in Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood has been serving authentic Emirati and Arabic cuisine since 1997. Diners can enjoy traditional dishes as well as many varieties of tea and drinks. With a charming and cosy setting reminiscent of an old Arabian home, the venue is not just a food destination, but also a key point of interest for people visiting the emirate. Dish to try: biryani deyay/laham (fresh chicken or lamb cooked with rice and aromatic Gulf spices served with yoghurt).


Al Bait Alqadeem Emirati Heritage Restaurant

Al Bait Alqadeem, which translates to ‘The Old House’, treasures beloved family recipes and treats visitors with cultural favourites. Serving authentic Arabic fare, this heritage eatery surrounds diners with open spaces and period architecture. Located close to the Gold Souk, the restaurant makes for an ideal pit stop between browsing for goods. Dish to try: shawarma (thinly-sliced meat wrapped in khubz, a traditional pita-like bread).


Emirati food to try in Dubai


When dining in Dubai be sure to sample the many varieties of bread and mezze as well as delectable dips and salads, before moving on to traditional dishes. Dive into the mains and opt for machboos – a much-loved national favourite made with rice and either meat or fish, and flavoured with cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. Visitors can also try fraeeth, a dish consisting of meat and vegetables layered with slices of bread.


Diners can expect a burst of flavours when eating chebab, a delicious Emirati version of a pancake, cooked with saffron. Chebab is usually served with a cream cheese spread and/or honey or date syrup. Harees, a popular porridge-like dish, is usually served during a celebration and often during the Holy Month of Ramadan. This traditional dish contains meat, cracked wheat and salt, all slow cooked creating the perfect texture and mix of flavours. Another much-loved, and hearty, Emirati dish to try is madrooba, which is a combination of salted fish, spices and a thick sauce.


To satisfy your sweet tooth, try Emirati luqaimat. This delicious snack is made of fried dough and served with date syrup, making it the perfect dessert that many Emiratis and non-Emiratis indulge in.



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