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Emphasizing Intersectionality: Gender Equity Awards 2024 Introduces New Category to Recognize Diverse Experiences in Workplace Equality

Business in Heels International Pty Ltd 2 mins read
Penelope Cottril WGEA spoke at the breakfast

Melbourne 2024 – Launched at the Winner's breakfast, Recalibrate- Gender Equity Awards 2024 is proud to announce the introduction of a groundbreaking new category focusing on intersectionality. This addition represents a significant step forward in recognising and addressing the diverse experiences and challenges faced by different groups of women in the workplace. By incorporating intersectionality into the awards, we aim to make them more inclusive and reflective of contemporary issues in gender equity.

Intersectionality acknowledges that individuals may experience discrimination or privilege based on multiple factors, such as race, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, and socioeconomic status, in addition to gender. The introduction of this category recognises the importance of understanding these intersecting identities and their impact on workplace dynamics and opportunities.

"This new category underscores our commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities of gender equity," said Lisa Sweeney, CEO at Business in Heels. "By acknowledging the intersectional experiences of women, we are taking a crucial step towards creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace for all."

In addition to the intersectionality category, the Gender Equity Awards 2024 continues to promote excellence in gender equity practices across various sectors. The awards highlight best practices, celebrate exemplary behaviour, and encourage continual improvement, with the ultimate goal of expediting progress towards gender parity by 2130.

Past winners of the Gender Equity Awards have demonstrated groundbreaking behaviour in their commitment to gender equity. For example, The Ascott introduced menstrual and menopause leave, while Coulter Legal promoted individuals while on parental leave. These initiatives set benchmarks for others to follow and contribute to fostering a more inclusive and supportive workplace culture.

Nominations for the Gender Equity Awards 2024 are now open and will be accepted until 31st July. Individuals, organisations, and initiatives from all sectors are encouraged to submit nominations and share their stories of progress towards gender equity.

For more information about the Gender Equity Awards 2024 and to submit nominations, please visit Website.


Key Facts:

19.8% of women are disabled

48 percent of Generation Z are racial or ethnic minorities.

(57%) felt they had faced challenges in the workplace related to their identity as a woman of colour.

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Our vision is to create an unlimited future for women.

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