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Escaping the Rental Crisis – Strategies to Secure Your PPOR

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Lloyd Edge

In an Australian housing market where the cost of rent is skyrocketing at unprecedented rates, many Australians find themselves caught in a financial paradox. They are squeezed by rent increases they can barely afford, yet paradoxically, these rents often exceed what their monthly mortgage payments could be. Lloyd Edge, Australia’s leading buyer’s agent, best selling author and real estate expert, offers a beacon of hope and practical advice for those trapped in this cycle, illustrating a pathway to securing your PPOR (principal place of residence) that could be more accessible than widely perceived.


The Renting Paradox: Higher Costs, Fewer Benefits

Recent trends show a troubling rise in rental costs across Australia, pushing many to the brink of affordability. This scenario has placed immense pressure on individuals and families who, despite their best efforts, struggle to keep up with these increases. Surprisingly, for many, the monthly outgoings on rent are now surpassing what they would potentially pay on a mortgage for a similar property. Lloyd Edge comments, "It's a stark reality that many renters are unaware of. They're effectively paying a premium for the flexibility of renting, which, in the current climate, is a costly trade-off."


Charting a Course Toward Homeownership

Lloyd Edge's "Buy Now" offers invaluable advice for first home buyers navigating Australia's challenging property market. His strategy is encapsulated in four key points, tailored to assist those making their initial foray into homeownership:


  1. Utilise Government Assistance Programs: Edge stresses the critical role of government schemes designed to aid first home buyers, such as the Home Guarantee Scheme, shared equity schemes, and the First Home Super Saver Scheme. These initiatives aim to ease the burden of saving for a deposit and securing a mortgage, making the dream of homeownership more attainable.
  2. Home Loan Comparison and Refinancing: For first home buyers, Edge underscores the importance of comparing home loan options to find competitive interest rates. He advises openness to refinancing as a strategy to capitalise on lower rates, recommending variable rates for their flexibility and potential cost savings. Fixed rates, while offering stability in repayments, may come with higher long-term costs and less flexibility.
  3. Strategic Use of Future Equity: Edge encourages first home buyers to think ahead about the equity their first home may accrue. This equity can later serve as a springboard for further property investments, home improvements, or other significant financial ventures. He advises caution against using future equity as collateral in a way that overly complicates one's financial situation.
  4. Importance of Comprehensive Insurance: Minimising risk through adequate insurance coverage is essential. Edge suggests that first home buyers obtain several insurance quotes to ensure they are adequately protected against potential damages to their property and personal belongings. This includes considering the specific needs of apartment owners, such as residential strata insurance.


By focusing on these areas, Edge aims to empower first home buyers with the knowledge and strategies needed to make informed decisions, manage risks, and ultimately achieve their homeownership goals in a complex real estate environment.


Comparing Homeownership Assistance Programs

Lloyd Edge emphasises the importance of comparing and leveraging these homeownership assistance programs. "Each program offers unique advantages tailored to different circumstances. By understanding these options, potential buyers can find effective pathways to homeownership that align with their financial situation," states Edge. He highlights that, despite the daunting prospect of entering the property market, these programs are specifically designed to reduce the barriers to homeownership, making it a more achievable goal for many Australians.


The top homeowner assistance programs in Australia currently include the Home Guarantee Scheme, which encompasses three types of guarantees: the First Home Guarantee, the Regional First Home Buyer Guarantee, and the Family Home Guarantee. These programs aim to support eligible home buyers by allowing them to purchase homes sooner with lower deposit requirements. For more details on each program and eligibility, visit Housing Australia's website​​.


Expert Advice for Navigating the Market

Beyond identifying the right assistance programs, Lloyd Edge offers expert advice for prospective buyers on navigating the housing market. This includes understanding market trends, identifying the right locations, and effectively managing one's finances to prepare for homeownership. "It's about making informed decisions and planning strategically. Even in a market as challenging as ours, there are opportunities for those who know where to look," advises Edge.


A Call to Action for All Australians

Lloyd Edge's insights not only shed light on the possibilities of escaping the rental trap but also serve as a call to action for Australians to reassess their housing strategies. With the right guidance and resources, the dream of homeownership can become a reality, even in the face of rising rental costs and market uncertainties.


For more information on navigating Australia's housing market and transitioning from renting to owning, contact Lloyd Edge for insights, guidance, and expert advice. You can email Lloyd at or learn more about his best selling books at





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Australian tenants are being increasingly squeezed by rent increases they can barely afford, yet paradoxically, these rents often exceed what their monthly mortgage payments could be.

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