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EVs now mainstream in Australia after record year of growth

Electric Vehicle Council 2 mins read

2023 was another landmark year for electric transport in Australia with rapid growth in both EV sales and charging infrastructure, according to the Australian Electric Vehicle Industry Recap 2023 released today.

The Recap, produced by the Electric Vehicle Council finds:

  • EV sales (including both battery EVs and plug-in hybrids) grew by 120%
  • The total Australian EV fleet surpassed 180,000 electric vehicles
  • Charging infrastructure locations increased by 75 per cent on the previous year, with 348 locations added across Australia

The Recap also contains details on the top 20 EV models sold, an update on how Australia is tracking against the EVC’s recommended target of 1 million EVs by end of 2027, and the launch of a national EV ownership survey in collaboration with the University of Sydney.

The Recap also includes analysis of media claims about a slowdown in EV sales in the US, which the report finds has been vastly overstated.

“Most of the commentary about a slowdown in the US has come from those with an interest in talking down the growth of EVs, when the reality is electric car sales are still going strong in America,” said EVC chief executive Behyad Jafari.

“Naturally, as the total number of EVs sold continues to become ever larger, achieving the same levels of annual growth in percentage terms becomes increasingly difficult to achieve. The growth in EVs between 2021 and 2022 in the US was 66 per cent while in the most recent year it was 46 per cent. 46 per cent is extraordinary annual growth in any market.”

Mr Jafari noted that extending the benefits of EVs to a broader cohort of Australians would requiring ongoing policy reform.

“After a long period of anticipation last decade, it’s now genuinely exciting to see the electric vehicle revolution now rolling out all over Australia,” Mr Jafari said.

“EV drivers are everywhere and if you talk to them they’re typically effusive about their decision. Not having to worry about petrol prices or regular maintenance, and enjoying a more fun driving experience tend to top the reasons given for satisfaction. And our cities and towns are benefiting with less and less air and noise pollution.

“To sustain this positive trajectory we need sensible reform. The federal government’s New Vehicle Efficiency Standards are a crucial step that finally brings Australia into line with the rest of the developed world. This move will see Australian drivers finally being given the same kind of choice offered to Americans and Europeans.

“EVs are no longer a novelty, they are a core part of everyday Australian lives. Hopefully the abundant benefits of switching to an EV will be embraced by millions more Australians as the decade progresses.”

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