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Japan-Savvy Aussies Quit “Double Flushing” With Japanese Toilet Tech; A RevoLOOtion In Privacy

Royal Flushh Japan Toilet Sound 2 mins read
Just wave your hand to activate 80 decibels of Japanese forest and water sounds to hide the sound of your toilet noise.

Tokyo, Japan; Perth, Australia:

Royal Flushh, a Japanese-designed Toilet Sound Masker that transforms going to the toilet, announces its worldwide debut.


With Japan being a top travel destination for Aussies, founder Donna Burke, an Australian video game star and longtime resident of Tokyo, believes Australians will be world leaders in making toilet maskers a staple in toilets in countries outside of Japan.


The Royal Flushh Japan Toilet Sound device employs ambient forest and water noises to discreetly mask embarrassing sounds made in the toilet. If you’ve been to Japan, you’ll be familiar with this device in nearly every toilet.


“I wish I had this growing up in Australia in the 1970s”, says founder Donna Burke. “Using the toilet at school was a desperate exercise in trying not to be laughed at by the girls in the stalls nearby. For the sake of all sensitive Aussies, I hope this catches on.”


The Royal Flushh also addresses environmental concerns by reducing the need for wasteful practices such as "double-flushing" or loudly dispensing reams of toilet paper to cover up bodily sounds, offering a sustainable solution to alleviate embarrassment at home, work, or school.

“Japan invented toilet sound masking in the late 1980s during a terrible drought to stop ‘privacy flushing’, ” says Donna. “These devices save water, as well as saving our pride. I've even had one customer refer to it as a 'marriage saver'!”

Easy to install in any bathroom setting, the battery-operated Royal Flushh is designed to suit a wide range of spaces, from en-suites to high-traffic office, school, and cafe toilets, with simple mounting options included.


“Japan solved their issues of bathroom anxiety and the water wastage that goes with this, decades ago,” says Donna. “It’s time for us to catch up."


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Key Facts:

Perth entrepreneur Donna Burke, a Tokyo resident since 1996, believes Aussies are ready to embrace Japanese tech to make toilets more private and put an end to “Double Flushing”.

About us:

About Royal Flushh & Founder Donna Burke

Japan Toilet Sound - Royal Flushh, launched in January 2024, is a celebrated Japanese invention that delivers bathroom privacy with the wave of a hand. Now available globally, it ships free of charge from Japan.

Founder Donna Burke, an Australian residing in Tokyo since 1996, is renowned for singing and acting in video games including Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill 2 and 3, and as the English voice on Shinkansen bullet train announcements.

A seasoned comedy improviser, Donna dreams that every dunny in the world will allow its occupants to emerge with their dignity intact.


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