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Latest Wellness Trend: International DJ and leading breathwork coach collaborate on self-care playlists in an Australian-first

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Hope you’re well. 

Rory Warnock, lululemon Ambassador, esteemed breathwork coach and Bondi-local, has teamed up with Stu Turner, prominent Sydney-based DJ & producer known for his work with Set Mo/Forge. Together, they're launching Hale Volume I – an innovative guided breathwork playlist aimed at providing users with a real time tool to achieve calmness and relaxation, whenever and wherever. 

Breathwork, one of the most talked-about wellness trends of 2024, is rapidly gaining traction for its scientifically proven mental and physical benefits. From enhancing self-esteem to improving sleep cycles and reducing physiological stress and anxiety, its impact is undeniable. 

Hale Volume I will be launching on 20th March, containing 5 guided breathwork sessions that range in length from 2 to 10 minutes. A non-guided Volume will also be available for users looking to do their own practice to the calming mix produced by Turner. 

For those looking for a mental pick-me-up on their commute to work or school, Volume II will be launching on 17th April, featuring higher tempo sessions that drive alertness into the brain and body. 

Would you be interested in featuring this guide for your readers to learn more about this transformative tool for self-improvement and wellbeing? 

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! 



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