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TM Technologies and Quantum Resistant Cryptography Team Up to Increase Speed and Security of 5G/6G, Satellite and Near Field Communications

TM Technologies, Inc. 3 mins read

Barcelona, Spain - Mobile World Congress 2024

BARCELONA, SPAIN / ACCESSWIRE / February 29, 2024 / TM Technologies has partnered with Switzerland's Quantum Resistant Cryptography, S.A. (QRC) to increase both the speed and security of wireless communications. QRC's cutting-edge encryption is nine orders of magnitude stronger than AES-256, providing unparalleled quantum resistance. The combination of TM Technologies' bandwidth-optimizing Cognitive Spectrum Optimization ("CSO") with QRC's best-of-class encryption is now capable of providing low-latency quantum-resistant communications at speeds that exceed current non-encrypted communications.

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The advent of quantum computing is widely understood to pose an imminent threat to the security of all conventionally encrypted information, including communications of passwords, transactions, and personal information.

The incorporation of QRC quantum-resistant encryption will initially be applied to three leading Transpositional Modulation use cases:

  • Near Field Communications: Used commonly in point of sale from credit cards and mobile applications as well as in the hospitality and healthcare industries, the quantum-resistant QRC encryption combined with TM Technologies' CSO is estimated to exceed current NFC speeds by 13.5x.
  • Satellite Communications: Whether geostationary, conventional LEO or LEO direct to device, TM + QRC offers a means to increase download speeds while greatly improving security.
  • 5G / 6G: 3GPP-compatible and ORAN-compatible high-security use cases, such as in the enterprise, smart cities or law enforcement, can utilize this speed and security enhancement to stay ahead of emerging threats.

TM Technologies Director of Research and Development Dr. Scott Velasquez said, "Transpositional Modulation has existing security features that make it one of the most efficient and secure waveforms in existence, and our QRC partnership adds an important component of export-compliant quantum-resistant encryption that make sense for all customers interested in future-proofing their secure communications."

"TM Technologies' innovative solution has created dramatically faster contactless transactions," said Stiepan Kovac, founder and Group CEO of QRC. "Our advanced encryption adds the best security to this novel technology without negatively affecting the efficacy or speed. We are very proud of this novel collaboration."

About TM Technologies, Inc.

TM Technologies is a privately held, independent technology research, development and intellectual property firm founded in 2013. With engineering and lab space in San Diego, California, and its administrative offices in Little Switzerland, North Carolina, TM provides software licenses and integrative engineering to customers in the fields of advanced wireless technologies, Near Field Communications and In-Band-Full-Duplex solutions.

About Quantum Resistant Cryptography, S.A.

QRC provides forward-thinking encryption solutions that are energy-efficient, quantum-resistant, 5G/6G+-compatible and enable future-proof communications, public infrastructure, financial transactions, and private data protection. QRC's unique patented quantum-safe technology in 5G systems is the only solution recommended by the United Nations International Telecom Union (UN ITU-T).

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