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The milestone project, dubbed "Project 1,000," will focus on funding a groundbreaking brain cancer trial, with Tour de Cure allocating $50,000 towards this vital research effort. 

Notably, the research project will benefit from the expertise and insights of Professor Richard Scolyer AO, the 2024 Australian of the Year and Co-Medical Director of the Melanoma Institute Australia. Professor Scolyer, serving as patient zero for this research, will contribute invaluable learnings from his own treatment, enhancing the trial's potential impact. 

Tour de Cure remains committed to advancing cancer research and supporting those affected by the disease, and this milestone underscores its ongoing dedication to making a meaningful difference in the fight against cancer. 

Simon Rountree, TDC CEO, says; 

“By investing in extensive research into the origins and treatment of cancer, as well as implementing programs to enhance the quality of life for those affected by this disease, we are taking significant strides towards realising our vision of a cancer-free world. 

Since our inception in 2007, the unwavering support of our donors has propelled us to achieve remarkable milestones in cancer research, support, and prevention. Together, we have funded a staggering 1,000 cancer projects.” 

Cancer researcher and joint 2024 Australian of the Year, Prof. Richard Scolyer AO will be riding 300kms with the team through his home state of Tasmania. As the Co-Medical Director at Melanoma Institute Australia, Prof. Scolyer rides so that the team knows the impact they’re having on cancer research. “The main thing I want to share with the Tour de Cure team is my gratitude to people who are raising funds for researchers and cancer patients and tell them what an impact their efforts are facilitating, changing lives for patients with cancer.” 

In 2023, Prof. Scolyer was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer. Courageously, he has been working with friend, colleague and fellow MIA Co-Medical Director and joint 2024 Australian of the Year Professor Georgina Long AO to utilise melanoma science to develop and apply a series of world-first treatments for his brain cancer. By undertaking the experimental treatment, Prof. Scolyer has risked his own life to advance the understanding of brain cancer and help future patients.  

Prof Georgina Long AO, 2024 joint Australian of the Year comments;  

“Thank you to Tour de Cure for all the work and fundraising they do for cancer.  These funds are much needed to go towards the research that we are continuing to do on Richard’s tumour.  Not only are we so proud of the groundbreaking results we have generated so far, we are now working on more long-term analyses that are critical to the field. These funds will help towards our long-term analyses of the immune-response to vaccination. Thank you.”  

TDC supports a diverse array of cancer projects encompassing trials, fellowships, support, and prevention initiatives, all aimed at improving outcomes for those impacted by cancer. Through funding research into the causes and treatment of cancer, as well as implementing programs to enhance the quality of life for individuals affected by the disease, the TDC community is actively striving towards a future free from cancer. 

TDC has collaborated with the Leukaemia Foundation to fund a fellowship aimed at transforming outcomes for individuals battling treatment-resistant acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL). Through this partnership, Associate Professor Ashley Ng from WEHI and the Royal Melbourne Hospital will receive five years of support as a funded researcher, dedicated to advancing knowledge and treatments in this critical area of need. 

By fostering partnerships like this and dedicating resources to impactful projects, Tour de Cure remains steadfast in its mission to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by cancer. 

Associate Professor Ng comments: 

“I am absolutely thrilled that Tour de Cure has partnered with the Leukaemia Foundation to support the Breakthrough Fellowships that will allow investigators to undertake discovery-based research. Fundamental research into causes, vulnerabilities and treatment of blood cancers is what has driven improvements in cancer care for millions of patients. I am honoured to have received this prestigious fellowship. The fellowship will allow me to pursue my vision for understanding and developing new therapies for treatment-resistant acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, an all too common situation for the patients I treat as a clinical haematologist.” 

From humble beginnings in 2007, Tour de Cure has become a national movement of thousands of people, walking, running, riding, attending gala events and swimming to raise awareness and inspire support in the fight to cure cancer.  

 The generosity of supporters has enabled the charity to: 

  • Raise over $118 million 

  • Fund 1,000 cancer projects 

  • Educate 175,000 school children on how to prevent cancer 

  • Contributed to 148 scientific cancer breakthroughs in cancer research. 


The following people are available to be interviewed:  

  • Associate Professor Ashley Ng, Senior Clinical Haematologist in the Clinical Haematology Department of the Royal Melbourne Hospital and WEHI Clinician Researcher  

  • Simon Rountree, CEO 

  • Prof. Richard Scolyer AO, Cancer researcher, Australian of the Year 


Media Contact: Sally Heginbotham, Content Manager, Tour de Cure  


M: 0410 634 462 


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About us:

About Tour de Cure

Tour de Cure raises vital funds to support the researchers, surgeons and clinicians who dedicate their lives to finding a cure for cancer. Through their magical, challenging and inspirational events they raise money to fund the boldest research, the most talented scientists and the ground-breaking projects that they believe will have the biggest impact on cancer. From humble beginnings in 2007, the Tour de Cure community has grown to become a national movement of thousands of people walking, running, riding, attending gala events, swimming and holding community fundraisers to raise awareness and inspire support in the fight to cure cancer.  

The generosity of their supporters has enabled Tour de Cure to fund 1,000 cancer projects and contribute to 148 scientific cancer breakthroughs, making Tour de Cure one of the most significant Australian charities funding Australian Cancer Research.


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