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Australians invited to March for Koalas and Creatures Great and Small – a parade to celebrate all wildlife

Australian Koala Foundation 3 mins read
The Koala Army's March for Creatures Great and Small

The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) is proud to announce their flagship event of the year, the Koala Army’s March for Creatures Great and Small. Coinciding with the start of ‘Save the Koala Month’, thousands of supporters will take to the streets of Canberra on Sunday, September 1st, 2024, in a celebration of diversity, advocacy, and a shared commitment to protecting Australia’s wildlife.

Canberra residents can expect the city to come alive in a monumental display of commitment, colour and costumes, aiming to showcase the vastness of Australia’s unique fauna and the need to protect them. Collectively, the group will call for the legislative change needed to save not only the Koala, but all Creatures Great and Small.

All animal-lovers, young and old, are invited to join an animal squadron of their choosing, dressing in costumes inspired by their chosen Australian Creatures. The goal is to bring together animals from every corner of Australia’s Koala habitat and march merrily through the streets of Canberra.

Date: Sunday September 1st 2024
Time: 10am - 1pm
Location: Gather at Kings Park, march to Parliament House.

Deborah Tabart OAM, Chair of the Australian Koala Foundation and Commander in Chief of the Koala Army says this event is a celebration, but it is also a message from Australia to our leaders.

“The Koala Army’s March for Creatures Great and Small is going to be a glorious celebration, adorned with the fun and fanfare of a carnival.  But it will also be a strong statement to our political leaders that the Koala habitat of Australia could be protected by the Koala Protection Act,” Deborah Tabart OAM says.

“Our country is teeming with life, colour, and species that have taken millions of years to evolve and we are squandering it all, on a daily basis. Every single Creature deserves to live in a safe place, without fear of shrinking habitats or human destruction, especially if this is happening due to lack of political will.

“Every bee, every bird, every unique species will be in our squadrons of colour and brilliance. This event will be a message from the people of Australia – enough is enough, stop clearing precious habitat and implement the Koala Protection Act, which will save millions of species.

“For the past thirty-four years, the Australian Koala Foundation has focused on science, research, and reason in the hope of sound town planning. But, sadly in that time the Koala has gone from ‘Common’ to ‘Vulnerable’ and now to ‘Endangered’ due to a lack of action to protect them.

“Before Koalas become ‘Critically Endangered’, which usually means they are gone, we need the people of Australia to join the Koala Army and march with us. The March will be a dazzling spectacle, a joyous celebration of all Creatures Great and Small, with an underlying plea - Australians truly love Koalas and want urgent action to protect them.”

The Koala Army’s March for Creatures Great and Small has been made possible by two anonymous donors, who deeply love Australia and our unique flora and fauna.  

The March will introduce a special new participant: Urban, a charismatic, animated Koala created by the AKF's creative team. Urban has been learning alongside the Koala Army for quite some time, gaining a deep understanding of the threats faced by Koalas and their forest homes.

"We are thrilled to introduce Urban of the Koala Army and see him come to life through digital animation," says Deborah Tabart OAM. "Urban's journey reflects the ongoing fight for Koala conservation, and his mission is clear: to see the Australian government enact the Koala Protection Act."

"I'm excited to march alongside all of you this September!" says Urban. "Together, we can show our leaders that it's time to prioritise Koala habitat protection. Let's create a future where all Creatures Great and Small can thrive!"

For more information on the event and to register, head to



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About us:

About the Australian Koala Foundation:

The Australian Koala Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation and effective management of the wild Koala population and its habitat. Since 1986 we have tirelessly worked to ensure a sustainable future for Koalas and the unique biodiversity of Australia.

About Urban the Koala:

First appearing in 2008, Urban, a charismatic Koala with a remarkable ability to talk to humans and animals, is the voice for all Creatures Great and Small. Witnessing the devastation of his home, he embarked on his hero's journey to protect his fellow Koalas.

Inspired by the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act in the United States, Urban joined the Koala Army to advocate for the Koala Protection Act in Australia. Guided by a belief in human kindness, he uses his voice not to condemn but to inspire a harmonious future between humans and nature. In 2024, Urban made the transition to animation, helping his voice and message reach all corners of Australia and the world.

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Media and Spokesperson Contact:

Deborah Tabart OAM
+61 0407 750 668

Koala Army’s March for Creatures Great and Small Contact:
Office: (07) 3229 7233
Mobile: 0428 104 255


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