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Media Alert: Tensions in the Middle East

La Trobe University < 1 mins read

As the Middle East enters another period of heightened conflict and uncertainty, experts from La Trobe University are available to discuss the drivers of these tensions and their impacts on regional peace and security.


Dr Niamatullah Ibrahimi

Senior Lecturer, Politics at La Trobe University.
E: M: 0403 000 570


Dr Ibrahimi can discuss the following topics:

  • Analysis of the current tensions and conflicts between Iran and Israel.
  • The likely impact of Iran-Israel tensions between Israel on the broader Middle East politics.
  • General contextual analysis of Iran’s regional policies.
  • Analysis of how Iranian domestic contexts and factors shape Iran’s regional foreign policy.

The following can be attributed to Dr Niamatullah Ibrahimi:

“Tensions soared after Iran launched unprecedented drone and missile strikes against Israel. While the attacks caused minimal damage or disruptions in Israel, the symbolic significance of a direct state-to-state assault cannot be ignored. Now, as Israel contemplates its response, the consequences of a full-scale war for the region, global security, and the economy must weigh heavily in policy deliberations in the region and among the global players.  Considering the costs of a full-scale war, Israel and its allies may consider a calculated and limited retaliation or even de-escalation rather than a full-fledged conflict. Nevertheless, the region has entered a period of heightened uncertainty.

Recent commentary from Dr Ibrahimi:                     


Contact details:

Elaine Cooney
0487 448 734

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