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Media statement: removal of extreme violent content

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eSafety continues to engage with all major social media platforms regarding the resharing and reposting of Class 1 content depicting recent violence in Sydney.

We expect platforms benefiting from Australians using their service make genuine efforts to protect our citizens from harmful content and, in particular, enforce their own terms of service.

eSafety has issued link deletion notices to search engines – limiting discoverability of this material in Australia – together with further Class 1 removal notices to sites. We will take the necessary steps to ensure compliance with these notices.

In relation to X Corp, eSafety is working to ensure the company’s full and complete compliance with Australian law. We are considering whether further regulatory action is warranted. 

eSafety is disappointed that process has been unnecessarily prolonged, rather than prioritising the safety of Australians and the Australian community.

eSafety is aware social media users continue to upload and reshare distressing content and appreciates it is challenging for platforms to manage this.

We are also aware some platforms are responding by applying technological solutions to prevent or reduce proliferation. 

eSafety welcomes these actions and reiterates its expectation that platforms take genuine, proactive steps like these to protect Australians from extreme violent material. 

While it may be difficult to eradicate damaging content from the internet entirely, eSafety requires platforms to do everything practical and reasonable to minimise the harm it may cause.

Once again, eSafety urges all Australians to use their voices, including their online voices, to promote respect and a sense of community. It is vital we do not use social media as a tool for division and fear but instead as an instrument of solidarity and social cohesion. 

Australians can also do their part by reporting violent and distressing content to the platform where they see it and to eSafety at


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