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Say Goodbye to Doctor’s Scribbles: The iOS App That’s Clearing Up Medical Notes with AI

Australian-made PatientNotes saves 1000s of healthcare professionals hours every month 3 mins read

Deciphering doctor’s handwriting is like cracking an ancient code but that changes today with PatientNotes, the AI-driven platform that’s already transforming clinical documentation, launching an iOS app that promises to make illegible notes a thing of the past.

“There’s got to be an app for that…AI!”

This isn't just any app launch; it's a big deal for anyone bogged down by clinical documentation. That’s pretty much every health professional out there.

“Let's face it, paperwork is the worst—especially when you're a healthcare professional trying to juggle ten things at once. PatientNotes is here to take the hassle out of your admin and get time back in your workday,” says PatientNotes CEO Jason Smale.

“PatientNotes is currently used 1000s of health professionals Australia-wide from physiotherapists to psychologists, right through to arts therapists and veterinarians. It’s great to see Australian-built AI helping so many practitioners improve the delivery of healthcare, now made even better with the flexibility of safely using an app on their phone.”

Every note, everywhere, all at once

Whether quickly dictating notes down a hospital corridor, doing an in-home aged care visit, or treating a client in a bustling gym, a dedicated iPhone app makes it easy for health professionals to then sync notes seamlessly across all their devices. Start on your phone, polish off on your desktop. No fuss, no lost notes.

What’s even cooler? This app is smart. Like, really smart. It leverages AI to craft detailed clinical notes, medico-legal reports, and patient care summaries on the fly. It’s like having a hyper-efficient assistant who never needs a coffee break.

Optimized and Secure Experience, Because Apple

Knowing that Apple users appreciate a good design, and Apple has the highest standards for privacy and security, PatientNotes has optimized their app specifically for iOS. This means smoother uploads (say goodbye to those annoying interruptions), clearer audio inputs, and a UI so clean and user-friendly, even the least tech-savvy docs will feel like Steve Jobs.

“We know practitioners today are using Voice Memos on their personal iPhones, then sending around sensitive health information via messaging applications. It’s risky. PatientNotes provides practitioners a secure way to still use their personal devices on the go to capture sensitive health information about their patients,” Mr Smale said.

PatientNotes is HIPAA compliant, meets the Australian Privacy Principles, and ensures that no sensitive health data is left unsecured on iPhones.

Free trial for all healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals are invited to trial PatientNotes for free for 14 days and make the most of the new iPhone and iPad apps in their daily workflow.


PatientNotes AI Champions


Darren Ross, Head of Customer
Uses AI as a muskuloskeletal physiotherapist everyday and has staff using it across 3 practices.

Jason Smale, CEO:
Witnessing the burden administration placed on his wife as a Physiotherapist, Jason created PatientNotes to automatically write her Clinical Notes. Recently returned to Australia after a successful decade-long journey with Zendesk in the United States as Senior Vice President of Engineering.

Sarah Moran, Head of Marketing:
After teaching over 2000 high school girls AI skills in partnership with Microsoft, Sarah joins the PatientNotes team to help upskill health practitioners with AI.

Lachlan Donald, CTO:
Lachlan was founding CTO of 99designs and went on to join Buildkite as cofounder and CTO. He is an active angel investor and an advisor to healthtech companies like ADHDLink and Covidence.

About us:


PatientNotes is a clinical note-taking tool that uses AI to draft clinical notes, patient summaries, and write medical letters. The team is based in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Contact details:

Sarah Moran
Co-founder and PR contact
0430 380 180


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