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Shooshfest: Where Silence Speaks Volumes

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Sydney, Australia: In a bold leap for Australian cinema, Shooshfest stakes its claim as Australia’s first-ever silent short film competition. Far from your run-of-the-mill festival, Shooshfest invites creators from all walks of life - not just filmmakers - to weave cinematic magic without uttering a single word. No verbose monologues, no whispered secrets, no foley - just raw emotion, tension, and creativity distilled into films of up to 10 minutes. 

Shooshfest aims to revive the anarchic spirit of the silent film era, inspiring filmmakers and non-filmmakers alike to reimagine storytelling in innovative, raw ways reminiscent of the 1920s mavericks.


Promising to be an unforgettable evening celebrating the power of visual storytelling, Shooshfest will be held on Thursday, May 9 at the historic Old Chinese Cinema in Harbourtown. 

The competition will be judged by cinematic luminaries:

  1. Liz Doran: An award-winning writer and producer known for her work on acclaimed series such as: Please Like Me, Dance Academy, Secret Life of Us, Barons, and The Tailings.
  2. Mark Joffe: A seasoned director with an impressive filmography including: The Twelve, Jack Irish, Jimmy Barnes: Working Class Boy, Cosi, and Spotswood.
  3. Alexei Toliopoulos: An actor, comedian, writer, film critic, and celebrated podcaster who brings a fresh perspective to the judging panel.

The concept was created by a dynamic trio of cinephiles - Rebecca Zemunik, Daniel New, and Maddison Costello. Their shared passion for film, creativity, and pushing artistic boundaries combining to showcase how silence can be the most powerful storyteller.

Festival creator Rebecca Zemunik said: We created Shooshfest to do things differently and to reveal the true power of silent cinema. Shooshfest isn’t just a first-of-its-kind; it’s an invitation to listen closer than you ever have before. When the projector flickers to life on May 9, silence will become the canvas, where every frame will whisper tales of passion, mystery, and longing.” 

Tickets for Shooshfest are available for $21 AUD via the festival’s official website.

Contact details:

For media inquiries, interviews, and press passes, please contact: Rebecca Zemunik / /  0402 300 547


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