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The Hidden Advantages of Being a Leader: Unveiling Gender Equity’s Bonus

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David Mansfield Managing Director, Ascott AustralianThe Ascott Limited | Chair, Accommodation Australia

Melbourne, Australia – In a world where diversity, inclusion, and gender equity are increasingly at the forefront of organisational priorities, the importance of fostering an environment that nurtures talent regardless of gender cannot be overstated. Business in Heels International, presents Recalibrate, the Gender Equity Awards 2024, a process that continues to champion excellence in gender equity practices across various sectors.

The Gender Equity Awards 2024 serves as a beacon, illuminating the path towards a more equitable future. These awards recognise and celebrate organisations and individuals who exemplify exemplary behaviour and commitment to gender equity. With a mission to accelerate progress towards gender parity by 2130, the awards highlight best practices and encourage continuous improvement in fostering inclusive workplace cultures.

Past winners of the Gender Equity Awards have set the bar high, demonstrating groundbreaking initiatives in their dedication to gender equity. The Ascott's introduction of menstrual and menopause leave and Coulter Legal's promotion of individuals while on parental leave are just a few examples of initiatives that have reshaped workplace dynamics and contributed to more inclusive environments.

There is no doubt that investments in parental leave, superannuation,  menstrual & menopause leave come at a cost. However, the unintended consequence has been the attractiveness of being a recognised employer. "With our Gender, Diversity & Inclusion commitments, we no longer rely on advertising for recruitment. It’s a silver lining we didn’t anticipate hence we now find we are attracting and retaining unsolicited top talent for our corporate office.”, Ascott’s CEO, David Mansfield shares highlighting the benefit of being a leader.

Nominations for the Gender Equity Awards 2024 are now open and will be accepted until 31st July. Individuals, organisations, and initiatives from all sectors are encouraged to submit nominations and share their stories of progress towards gender equity.

For more information about the Gender Equity Awards 2024 and to submit nominations, please visit [Website].


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Just five cents a day: The real cost for business to provide paid family and domestic violence leave revealed. SOURCE So you can assume paid menstrual & Menopause leave would be similar.


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