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Turn Up the Flavour, Not the Grocery Bill: Slow Cooker Hacks from Chef David Bitton

Magimix Australia Pty Ltd 3 mins read
David Bitton with Cocotte

Feeling the squeeze at the supermarket? You're not alone. With grocery prices on the rise and the ACCC investigating supermarket pricing practices, Australians are looking for ways to get creative and save money on food. But before you resign yourself to bland meals, consider the mighty slow cooker! Chef David Bitton of Sydney’s well-loved Bitton Gourmet cafes is here to show you how this kitchen workhorse can become your secret weapon against rising grocery prices.




Slow Cooker Savvy:

  • Embrace budget-friendly cuts:  Forget expensive steaks! Opt for tougher cuts like chuck roast or pork shoulder. Slow cooking transforms them into melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness, maximizing flavour and value.
  • Unlock the power of beans & lentils:  These protein powerhouses are budget superstars.  Chef Bitton recommends incorporating them into stews, soups, and chilis for a hearty and affordable meal base.
  • Broth is your best friend:   Skip the pricey pre-made stocks and simmer your own flavourful broth with leftover vegetables and herbs. This adds depth to your slow-cooked dishes without breaking the bank, and it often tastes better, too.
  • Batch cook like a pro:   Doubling a recipe takes minimal extra effort in your slow cooker. Freeze half for a future meal, instantly creating a delicious and cost-effective dinner option on busy weeknights.

Chef Bitton's Bonus Tip: Don't be afraid to experiment!  Slow cookers are perfect for one-pot wonders.  Combine your favourite vegetables, grains, and spices with your chosen protein for endless flavourful and budget-friendly variations.

Invest in Quality:  While a basic slow cooker can get the job done, Chef Bitton recommends considering high quality machines that can do more than slow cooking, like the Magimix Cook Expert. This award-winning, French-made thermocooker can replace up to 15 kitchen appliances, saving your kitchen from clutter. Magimix are also known for creating high-quality appliances that are built better to last longer, so you can rest assured that your machine will last for not just years, but decades. The Magimix Cook Expert features not just a thermocooking bowl, but also a full food processor and now a new slow cooking attachment, the Cocotte.

The new Cocotte accessory is a game-changer for slow cooking, as it allows you to brown your meat beautifully, before setting it to simmer at a precise temperature and time. These key features allow you to create more flavourful dishes for you and your family.

Embrace the Slow Cooker Lifestyle:

By incorporating these tips, you can turn your slow cooker into a money-saving kitchen essential.  Enjoy delicious, nutritious meals without sacrificing your budget!

Let Chef David Bitton and Magimix be your guide. Explore the Magimix website and social media channels for more slow cooker recipes designed to tantalize your taste buds and stretch your grocery dollars.

From 1st May to 28th July 2024, get the new Cocotte slow cooking attachment valued at $649 FREE with a purchase of the Magimix Cook Expert. The Magimix Cook Expert is available at David Jones, Myer, Kitchen Warehouse, TVSN, selected high end kitchen shops and online through


Key Facts:

With grocery prices on the rise and the ACCC investigating supermarket pricing practices, Australians are looking for ways to get creative and save money on food.

Well-loved Sydney Chef and Restaurateur David Bitton shares some tips to make the most savings this slow cooking season.

David Bitton is available for any additional questions/interviews related to cooking. Please contact Meg at

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