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Avoid Iodine Deficiency With Healthy Food Choices to Protect Your Thyroid Health

Australian Thyroid Foundation 2 mins read

It's May and it's the Australian Thyroid Foundation Awareness Month!

The Thyroid Gland is the powerhouse which gives the body and mind energy to perform!

From conception to death, without a healthy thyroid function, our wellbeing and general health can be affected by a sluggish thyroid function.

Our Thyroid Gland needs an adequate amount of daily ingested iodine from iodine enriched foods to produce enough hormones for its function.  Without it, our thinking, our energy and our general health can be greatly affected.

To protect your family from iodine deficiency and the consequences of a sluggish thyroid function, ensure you include iodine enriched foods on your shopping list.  Foods which are enriched with iodine; dairy milk and dairy products - something milk substitutes don't include, seafood, iodised salt for cooking and for the table - other salts such as Himalayan Salt don't include iodine.  Commercially made breads are made using iodised salt, says Beverley Garside, ATF Chief Executive Officer.

Australian Government Department of Health (NHMRC) strongly recommend women during childbearing years ensure they include a daily pregnancy supplement which includes at least 150mcgs of iodine, to protect the pregnancy and the development of the foetus.  A daily supplement including iodine, together with an iodine enriched diet, is recommended for women contemplating pregnancy, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Thyroid function testing before, during and after pregnancy are also essential to ensure your thyroid hormone levels are adequate during this time, says Professor Creswell Eastman, ATF Principal Medical Advisor.

As we age, our body and mind can slow, without knowing why! Don't ignore the importance of a balanced diet which includes iodine enriched foods and use iodised salt for cooking and on the table.  A low daily iodine intake could affect your thyroid gland production!  To ensure you have enough energy and you feel the best you can, make sure your diet includes iodine enriched foods.

Statistics show over 1 million Australians are living with an undiagnosed thyroid disorder, which an iodine enriched diet could help to prevent!   Don't become part of the statistics and ensure you include iodine enriched foods in your household's daily diet!



Key Facts:

Avoid Iodine Deficiency With Healthy Food Choices to Protect Your Thyroid Health

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About us:

The Australian Thyroid Foundation - Since 1995 the Australian Thyroid Foundation has been supporting its members with advocacy, education and awareness.  The Australian Thyroid Foundation continues to reach out and raise awareness Australia wide about the benefits of good thyroid health and why the prevention of iodine deficiency is so important.  The Australian Thyroid Foundation look forward to continuing to support future generations of Australians.

Contact details:

Beverley Garside - Chief Executive Officer

Australian Thyroid Foundation

M: 0416 269 982   



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