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CDU EXPERT: Banned Drinkers Register to be a major talking point in NT election

Charles Darwin University 2 mins read

1 MAY, 2024

Who: Charles Darwin University political expert Dr Nathan Franklin.


  • Recent criticism of the Banned Drinkers Register (BDR) over a lack of charges or convictions for people supplying alcohol to someone on the register.
  • The politics surrounding the BDR.  

Contact details: Call +61 8 8946 6721 or email to arrange an interview.

Quotes attributable to Dr Nathan Franklin:

"The perceived lack of effectiveness will be a key point in the election, particularly as people think that this method of dealing with anti-social behaviour and crime is ineffective. Without demonstratable data to support its effectiveness, the Opposition can criticise the BDR as an inconvenience for all good and responsible Territorians.

“It is hard to see what else the government can do to strengthen the BDR, other than more monitoring, or additional security at liquor outlets. The information put into a BDR scanner is not recorded or retained, not at the point of sale or centrally, so people are not being monitored. If this did happen, people would cry ‘big brother’. The issue over access to alcohol is complex as it covers basic human rights, civil liberties, as well as business, the private sector, which underpinned market-driven economics and trade, however, policing, healthcare, and social programs, et cetera., are already strained.

“Governments could treat alcohol like the gambling industry, with more regulation, restrictions, education, etc, making the alcohol industry more responsible, for example, how much alcohol is advised or permitted, not just for drink driving (0.05%), but to avoid being ‘drunk in public’ or ‘socially irresponsible’.

“Some people would argue that no amount of alcohol should be allowed in public, if alcohol cannot be consumed in a ‘safe space’ or for pregnant mothers wherever they are, but others might argue that people should be smart enough to manage these issues themselves.”

Contact details:

Raphaella Saroukos she/her
Research Communications Officer
Marketing, Media & Communications
Larrakia Country
T: +61 8 8946 6721

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