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Decades of women’s health education work recognised by Woman of the Year Award for Mish Wright

Mish Wright 2 mins read
Mish Wright wins Fuel Woman of the Year for 2024

Mish Wright is a woman on a mission. 


After experiencing firsthand the detrimental impact of inappropriate postnatal fitness training, and nearly suffering a pelvic organ prolapse as a result, Mish has dedicated her career to educating fitness professionals on understanding how to safely train women at all ages and stages of life. 


“Whether it's pelvic floor health, perimenopause or periods, there are so many considerations for women when it comes to exercising and feeling good in their bodies. Empowering fitness professionals to train women according to their needs and their bodies is so important. Women deserve to feel strong and healthy, without suffering in silence like I did when I first started exercising after having my second baby.”


At the Fuel Women’s Fitness Business Summit in Sydney this week Mish’s longstanding commitment to supporting women and empowering professionals was recognised, when she was awarded the Fuel Woman of the Year award. This award exists to honour trailblazing women like Mish who are reshaping the landscape of the fitness industry. 


When Mish first started working as a fitness instructor as a young mum, she threw herself into her professional qualifications and did everything ‘right’, but her pelvic floor couldn’t cope with the strain of her training, and it opened her eyes up to the lack of education in the fitness industry about training women safely.


Nearly two decades later, Mish's commitment has helped her empower and educate thousands of other fitness professionals, and she now offers more than 30 online courses for the fitness industry, benefiting women’s health at a national level. 


Her advocacy work has included building relationships with pelvic health physiotherapists across Australia to improve communication and collaboration with the fitness industry, ushing for better inclusion of women’s health at industry events, and working on women’s health education for brands including brands such as Curves, KX Pilates and the Living Longer Living Stronger Program.


Along with running her EVEolution programs, Mish is Head of Education at Women’s Fitness Education – a Registered Training Organisation that provides Certificate III and IV in Fitness.


But she’s not done yet.


“This win just makes it even clearer to me how important it is to improve the quality of fitness training and the education around women’s bodies that’s available to everyone involved in the support of women,” says Mish.


“Seeing the conversations we’re now having out in the open about pelvic floors, periods, perimenopause and so many more women’s health considerations makes me feel hopeful for the future. I’m proud to have been part of this drive for positive change and building a more inclusive fitness community.”


The award organisers said the Woman of the Year recognises women “who aren't just breaking barriers but shattering them. These are the visionaries who've carved their own paths, the rebels who've turned challenges into opportunities, and the champions who lead with both their heads and their hearts.


Community supporters who voted for Mish in the award applauded her tireless efforts to promote fitness, health and wellbeing for women, and her internationally recognised programs in helping fitness professionals to safely train and support women.

Key Facts:

Mish Wright is available for interview from Melbourne. 

Contact details:

Erin Huckle, / 0432 213 506


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