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Flavours of Korea: Celebrating the Rising Tide of Korean Culture with the Launch of Fresh Kimchi in Australia

CJ Foods Oceania 3 mins read
Kimchi can add flavour to Aussie favourites

As the popularity of Korean culture, language, food, fashion, K-pop, K-drama, and K movies continues to surge across Australia, bibigo, a renowned name in Korean cuisine, has proudly unveiled its latest creation: a range of fresh kimchi sourced with Australian ingredients. This new line underscores bibigo's dedication to providing authentic, top-quality Korean food to Australian consumers, all while promoting health and sustainability. Sourced from Australian farms, including cabbage, radish, green onion, and onion, this fresh product maintains its crispness and flavour, ensuring that individuals across Australia can relish the unique and authentic taste that has garnered global praise for years. 

The Korean pop culture wave (Hallyu), including music (K-pop), television dramas (K-dramas), and films, have recently gained a significant — though not yet mainstream — following in Australia. The growing influence of K-culture, has unquestionably established Korea's status as a cultural powerhouse with Australia experiencing a significant surge in Korean cultural influence, extending beyond media, into fashion, and food with the latter becoming increasingly popular in restaurants and dining room tables in Sydney and Melbourne. 

Kimchi, a cornerstone of Korean culinary tradition, has long captivated global palates with its bold flavours, versatility, and numerous health benefits. Recognising its rising popularity among Australians and understanding their high expectation around freshness, bibigo has responded by meticulously crafting a line of Australian-made kimchi products, meeting the demand for a locally sourced, fresh, and high-quality product. Enriched with probiotics and an array of vitamins and antioxidants, kimchi has also become a sought-after superfood in recent years, appealing to health-conscious consumers Down Under.

Crafted with centuries of expertise, bibigo's new fresh kimchi range is tailored to satisfy even the most adventurous of Aussie taste buds. Beyond its distinctive flavour profile, kimchi offers versatility, serving as a flavourful alternative to relishes, pickles, and sauerkraut, or enhancing staple dishes like fried rice, scrambled eggs and even pies, steak and salad.

Available in 400g and 900g options, bibigo's fresh Kimchi boasts traditional craftsmanship and locally sourced ingredients, ensuring exceptional flavour and nutritional value. From the freshest Australian-grown cabbage to bibigo's signature seasoning and patented probiotics, each batch ensures a refreshing and crisp taste, with freshness guaranteed through immediate distribution after local production.

By sourcing locally, bibigo not only promotes freshness and sustainability but also supports local farmers and communities, contributing to a more environmentally friendly food system. Moreover, bibigo's commitment to providing nutritious and flavorful options aligns with the growing consumer preference for health-conscious choices.

"We are thrilled to introduce our locally sourced fresh kimchi to the Australian market, inviting consumers to embark on a journey of taste and wellness with bibigo," says Eugene Cha, Managing Director of CJ Foods Oceania. "With our fresh kimchi range, Australian consumers can enjoy the authentic flavours of Korea, made with locally sourced cabbage from farms in Victoria and Queensland, while reaping the health benefits of this beloved dish."

Available in Asian grocery stores nationwide, bibigo's fresh kimchi line offers a convenient and delicious way for consumers to incorporate the benefits of kimchi into their daily meals, with plans for expansion into mainstream grocery stores underway.

The fermentation process lends bibigo kimchi its signature flavour profile, characterised by a delightful interplay of sourness, saltiness, tanginess, sweetness, and sharp acidity. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with Aussie favourites like smashed avo, burgers, tacos, or grilled cheese sandwiches, bibigo's fresh kimchi promises a delectable experience for all.

Embrace the wave (Hallyu) and join the ranks of thousands of Australians who have embraced this Korean classic. bibigo's all-new fresh Kimchi complements its existing range of Korean-made kimchi, featuring an improved recipe, enhanced texture, and prolonged freshness for an even richer and more authentic flavour experience.

For more information about bibigo and its locally sourced fresh kimchi line, please visit

Experience the fresher, healthier bibigo Kimchi today, and elevate your culinary adventures with a taste of Korea in every bite.

All-new fresh bibigo Kimchi - Healthier & Fresher for longer.

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