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Galderma Launches Restylane® VOLYME(TM) in China – One of the World’s Fastest Growing Aesthetics Markets

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  • Restylane® VOLYME™ is designed for contouring and volumization of the mid-face region to support patients in achieving a youthful, revitalized look
  • The complementary Shape Up Holistic Individualized Treatment (HIT™) has also been introduced in China, empowering aesthetics practitioners to deliver dynamic and natural mid-face solutions for their patients
  • Galderma is committed to delivering its world-leading portfolio of innovative aesthetics solutions to China as well as other countries and regions around the world

ZUG, Switzerland--BUSINESS WIRE--

Galderma (SWX:GALD) announced today the launch of its hyaluronic acid injectable filler, Restylane® VOLYME™ in China. The company is also introducing its complementary Shape Up Holistic Individualized Treatment (HIT™) in the country, which addresses aging concerns caused by loss of structural support in the mid-face. The availability of these targeted solutions for the mid-face region is demonstrative of Galderma’s commitment to meeting patient and injector needs in China. In the past decade, the growth of China’s aesthetics medicine market has outpaced the global market; with relatively low market penetration, there remains significant potential for future growth.1

Developed using Galderma’s proprietary OBT™* gel technology, Restylane® VOLYME™ is indicated for the correction of mid-face volume deficit and/or mid-face contour deficiency through injections into the subcutaneous to supraperiosteal layers of the skin.2-3 Hyaluronic acid fillers are often patients’ first choice for mid-face augmentation and have been shown to deliver high patient satisfaction and long-lasting effects.4 In China, hyaluronic acid fillers are among the top 10 most-sold aesthetics products.1



“We are delighted to deliver Galderma’s innovative aesthetics solutions in China with the support of our research and development teams, as well as local partners and regulatory authorities. As the Chinese market continues to expand, we look forward to working closely with all stakeholders to deliver our full, premium range of aesthetics products to meet the varied and individual needs of patients and injectors.”





Developed with a global community of injectors, the Shape Up HIT™ is the latest of Galderma’s HITsto be introduced in China, designed to create a common language to facilitate a two-way dialogue between patient and practitioner to align on patient priorities and keep satisfaction at the forefront.


"Aesthetic plastic surgery is an artistic creation under medical

constraints, embodying a holistic and individualized approach. Facial expressions are controlled by 42 muscles which convey emotions such as joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness. These muscles are also involved in language, chewing, and other activities. The appearance of the mid-face is crucial in interpersonal communication. Together, Restylane® VOLYME and the Shape Up HIT enable patients to maintain their natural facial expressions while also supporting injectors to deliver a youthful and long-lasting aesthetic effect."






HIT™ is an individualized treatment approach which enables injectors to leverage their expertise with the renowned Galderma Restylane® portfolio to optimize aesthetic outcomes while prioritizing patient satisfaction.TheBalanced Profile HIT™ was Galderma’s first HIT™ to be introduced in China in 2023, providing a framework for practitioners to conduct a full objective facial assessment for the patient and help bring balance to their profile. HIT™ naturally springboards from Galderma’s AART™ (Assessment, Anatomy, Range, Treatment) methodology for a new generation of individualized aesthetics.

Restylane® is the largest and most diverse range of individually engineered hyaluronic acid fillers on the market, approved in more than 80 countries and regions, and with over 65 million treatments administered worldwide.5-8

About Galderma
Galderma (SIX: GALD) is the emerging pure-play dermatology category leader, present in approximately 90 countries. We deliver an innovative, science-based portfolio of premium flagship brands and services that span the full spectrum of the fast-growing dermatology market through Injectable Aesthetics, Dermatological Skincare and Therapeutic Dermatology. Since our foundation in 1981, we have dedicated our focus and passion to the human body’s largest organ – the skin – meeting individual consumer and patient needs with superior outcomes in partnership with healthcare professionals. Because we understand that the skin we are in shapes our lives, we are advancing dermatology for every skin story. For more information:

Notes and references:

* Optimal Balance Technology – OBT

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