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Kolmar BNH, a Top-Tier Korean Enterprise Specializing in the Production of HemoHIM, Dedicates over 2% of its Annual Sales to R&D

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Kolmar BNH (KOSDAQ: 200130), a manufacturer of HemoHIM, a health-enhancing functional food, has emerged as a frontrunner in the global Original Development Manufacturing (ODM) market, owing to its pioneering investments in research and development.

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A researcher from Kolmar BNH Health Food Lab. (Photo: Kolmar BNH)

A researcher from Kolmar BNH Health Food Lab. (Photo: Kolmar BNH)

Founded in 2005, Kolmar BNH is an ODM company for health-functional food products. ODM enterprises, encompassing various sectors from trend analysis to R&D, product conceptualization, manufacturing, and quality assurance, cater to customers with entrepreneurial aspirations. This framework facilitates opportunities for individuals with a passion for business and ideas.

The cornerstone of Kolmar BNH's competitiveness lies in its technological adeptness, underpinned by substantial R&D investments. The company annually allocates over 2% of its sales revenue to R&D expenditures, bolstering its capabilities by employing more than 30% of its workforce as researchers. The Health Food Lab, an arm of Kolmar BNH, comprising over 100 researchers with master's and doctoral degrees, is dedicated to pioneering new formulations and functionalities.

Kolmar BNH maintains relationships with over 300 domestic and international clients, leveraging its R&D prowess that has evolved over an extended period. Among its key clients is the Korean branch of Haleon, a global healthcare conglomerate, for which Kolmar BNH manufactures the flagship vitamin product 'Centrum' distributed in Korea.

HemoHIM, distributed by Atomy, represents a technology-intensive product of Kolmar BNH. The primary ingredient, the ‘HemoHIM Extract Complex of Angelica gigas, etc.’, is Korea's first individually recognized ingredient enhancing immune function, developed in collaboration with the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute. This product has penetrated markets in 19 countries, including Australia, the United States, Thailand, Taiwan, Central Asia, and South America.

‘HemoHIM G’, tailored for the European market, is another testament to Kolmar BNH's R&D capabilities. This export-oriented product has been meticulously formulated to comply with diverse food regulations across European nations, incorporating carefully selected ingredients such as Angelica sinensis, Ligusticum chuanxiong, and Paeonia lactiflora. The flavor and aroma have also been refined in order to satisfy the preferences of European consumers.

Kolmar BNH's stellar performance in sales among Korean health-functional food ODM firms can be attributed to the success of HemoHIM. Achieving sales exceeding KRW 600 billion within a decade and a half of its inception, the company was honored with the ‘200 Million Dollar Export Tower’ at the Korea International Trade Association’s ‘Trade Day’ ceremony in 2021.

Kolmar BNH aims to bolster its global market competitiveness by prioritizing R&D efforts in raw material development, with emphasis on uncovering additional efficacies through in-depth research of Hemohim G.

An official from Kolmar BNH said, “As a leading ODM company in Korea's health-functional food sector, Kolmar BNH remains steadfast in its commitment to R&D, striving to deliver customer-centric services. We endeavor to captivate global clientele by showcasing the technological expertise amassed through years of dedicated innovation.”

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Kolmar BNH
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